high as a kite... now eating slugs

Hello Everyone.... This is Mr. Danita reporting Live from Danita's bedroom. She underwent the balloon insertion this morning and everything went very well. When I picked her up from the doctor's office the anesthesia had not worn off completely, so she was in a very groovy mod... High as a kite would be a good way to describe it.

Now that nausea has settled in, if she were a vegetable, she would be a very healthy green, but otherwise she's fine.... She sends her thanks for all of you who sent messages wishing her luck. THANKS!!!! It really means a lot for us.

In another news, I'm very proud to announce the winner of this giveaway... Drum roll please....


Congratulations!!!!!... Sorry, no video this time... You're going to have to trust me on this one. We promise we'll make it up on our next giveaway.


Sabbio said…
I'm so glad everything is fine for Danita! Rest well now querida :)
Diane Duda said…
Thanks for keeping us updated on Danita's progress.
And congratulations to Adri!!!

tascha said…
Happy to hear she is back and doing well!
I am sending comforting vibes.
Anonymous said…

I might have said before that you are very lucky to have Mr. Danita in your life! But it bears repeating.

I hope you feel better soon, and I wish you all the best on your journey to health.
Beth said…
hope she is well soon !! take good care sending well wishes !!!!
talitka said…
Danita, God bless you. Hope, everything will be good with you and tour health.
Theresa said…
I'm so glad Danita is doing fine... even if she's a bit green. Thank you Mr. Danita for keeping us updated. :)


Carol B. said…
Mr. Danita! Thank you for letting us know how Danita is doing. Please wish her all our very best!
sUz said…
hOorAy! Thank you mR. dAniTa for the update! Hope you both enjoyed the groovy-ness before the green set in.

Congrats to adRi!

iN jOy,
B, Skelley said…
Thank you for the update, Mr. Danita...sending along wishes for a speedy return to feeling great!
wooHoo! SO glad all went well~ and hope you are back to a nice pinkish hue, and not GREEN anymore! Cheers to the NEW you~ best of luck~ Rachael
Well hello there Mr. Danita! So glad to hear Miss Danita is doing well. Take good care of her, because I am sure that she takes good care of you!


Adriana Whitney said…
I am so happy to know that everything went well with the balloon. Sending ciber hugs to Danita xoxox.
I can't believe it I won! yay. Thank you so much!!

suze said…
Yes, thanks for the update. Good to know that all is going well for her. Take good care of our girl. Speedy get well wishes Danita!
And congrats! to Adriana.
xo suze

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