Thanks a lot... with a giveaway!

Thank you so, so much for all your kind words of encouragement, your advice and your prayers. I'm so excited!!! I have my appointment with the doctor today and as a token of appreciation for your kindness... I'm having a giveaway! And since I'm so into Halloween lately... here's the prize:

Cute eh? Your own Halloween brooch to wear this season ;)

To participate, just leave a comment on this post telling me which is your favorite Halloween costume and you're in!

I'll let you know who the winner is next Monday Night... you'll have a full weekend to tell everyone you know to sign up!


I hope You leave his office feeling Totally "Jacked Up"! ~ And ready to go~
Wow~ my favorite Halloween costume.
That is a super hard question.
I think of all that I have made for my kids.But~ one year I painted a super cool pumpkin face on my son's face & put a neat old hat on his head , then dressed him scarecrow clothes.It doesn't sound to original~ but, he really looked great. He was about 10 yrs. old.I have pictures that I will post later,closer to Oct. on my blog.
: ) ~Amy~
Anonymous said…
I hope you'll be happy and confident about your appointment :) !

About my favorite costume.. well since I've never had an Halloween party I can just say what would be my dreamy Halloween Costume: I'd love to be dressed like a Pirate from "Pirates of the Caribbean", butlike a man, not a woman :D
Good luck with your appointment!!!

My fav costume would have to be my vampire outfit... and the cool thing is I have two false teeth at the side (due to a birth defect) and I can pop them down and they look rather real!!!

I even made a man scream (really loudly) once when he saw them popping down.

hope you have a good weekend...

Lina said…
Cute brooch! My favorite halloween costume so far has is when i dressed up like Roxie from Chicago 3 years ago!! That was a lot of fun, i even had my own tommy gun, lol...This year i think i am going to go as alice in wonderland, although i just dyed my hair dark today so i guess i will need a wig!!
Lunara said…
Bueno, me ha encantado disfrazarme de Merlina la de los locos Adams, heehhe.., pues serĂ­a ese, si..
Hola Danita! I wish you the best with your appointment to the doctor! My favorite costume has to be the one I wore when I was 7 years old and lived in Montreal. My mom, who could, and still can, sew just about anything, made me the cutest pink pig costume with an old warm and fuzzy wool blanket. It even had a corkscrew tail, with wire to make it stand up. The costume was real warm, cause it gets pretty chilly around here at the end of October. Well, that year, it snowed all night while we went trick or treating. Take care, LuLu
Anonymous said…
Oh what lovely brooch you've made! I feel the Halloween spirit brewing within myself already! =D

My favourite (dream) Halloween costume would be a cupcake. Hehe. I love cupcakes, and I would love to walk around in a blueberry chocolate-sprinkled cupcake costume one day. =P (Nahhh, I do not have the courage to do it. Hehe)
Carol B. said…
Danita, I just read your previous comment about the "balloon". I do not know anything about this. If you could, please mention more about it. I just hope it is safe for you.
As for your weight, the few glimpses you have shown of yourself, you do not look overweight! I do know how you feel, though. I have struggled with being overweight literally ALL my life. I also eat for the same emotional reasons. It has been the burden of my life. I have ridden this emotional rollercoaster forever, and I am so tired of it. I went on my first diet when I was nine years old, and have been dealing with this issue ever since, and I am a lot older than you. Maybe you will talk about your journey and we can all work on it together.
As for my favorite costume? There are so many good ones, but I still love to see the little girls that come up to my door to Trick or Treat looking like beautiful little Princesses!
God Bless you, and Take Care!
Carol B.
Michelle said…
Good luck, hope he fixes you! My favorite cosume has too be when my daughter was a princess and my baby son was a peapod.
Giggles said…
Hope the appointment was successful!
My favorite costume is one I made for myself when my daughter was about eight. It was a sunshine cut out of a huge piece of cardboard....I sprayed it gold.....bought a piece of gold fabric to match....draped myself in the cloth, cut a hole in the center of the sun and put my head in it! I sprayed my hair and face gold with gold hairspray... I wore it to my daughters school...not a soul knew who I was!! I got more compliments on that costume, and is very my own visual was very fulfilling as an artist! I wore it to the parade of lost souls in Vancouver and got many compliments there too!
Your art is adorable,and I love brooches!

Hugs Giggles
Sabbio said…
I'm glad to see you in a better state of mind today :)

Here in France, no Halloween... but I would say my favorite costume would be a beautiful spiderwoman with a long black dress :)
Zom said…
Witch. Always a witch.
ccml said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
I think my favorite costume would be a whitch because i DIG whitches !!!
danita, please, i tagged you for a good cause challenge. if you do have a moment, go to my blog and follow the link !
Hey everyone who is reading this ! you can go too !

Danita, this brooch is absolutely lovely !!!
well, good luck to all of us !!
M. Maresca said…
Halloween is this best night get to be someone else for a day!
i live in England were Halloween is not quite so big as where you are!
my whole family loves HALLOWEEN - we go trick or treating with the kids usually i dress as a witch BUT this year i will be
"little red riding hood"
can't wait!!!

i love the brooch and would wear it with pride!
Adriana Whitney said…
I wish you the best with the appointment!
I have never celebrate halloween but if I have to pick a costume it would be a cat. We use to have custome parties when I was a little girl and I always wanted to dress like that.
Adri xoxo
M said…
Adorable! My husband and I have been toying with the idea of being the Yip-Yip aliens from Sesame Street this year and I love the idea.

mgoddess5 at gmail dot com
Erica Herbert said…
good luck at the doctors office. and, just in case you didn't know ~ you ARE perfection, no matter what :)
p.s. i always love to be a WITCH! boo!
Anonymous said…
Hola Danita. Yo casi nunca me disfrazo, pero el de diablita me gusta. Me acuerdo me puse una falda negra con una blusa roja el arito con los cachitos y ya. Me encanta tu arte, tus danitas...tus ideas... Suerte! Flor (frida-arts ebay)
Theresa said…
Good luck at your doctors appointment. I know how you feel... I've been over weight my whole life... it can be very frustrating. I hope this works for you. :)

Let's see my favorite Halloween costume was when I was Boy George on year. I know it's strange but I loved his music in the 80's.


suze said…
Good luck with your appointment.
My favorite costume was in first grade I was Cinderella. My Mom sewed all my costumes growing up.
The funniest costume I ever saw was five guys dressed like a box of tampons.
PAC said…
I hope the doctor's appt went okay. I'm glad I found your blog. So beautiful! The brooch and all of your work is gorgeous!
sUz said…
hi daNitA!

Wishing you peace of mind and courage to take this step toward your wellness.

I love being a witch. Pixies are fun too, but I love to paint my face green and wear that hat - ooooh, I can't wait! he he!

iN jOy,
Jamie said…
Danita - you are in my thoughts as you go to your appointment - Halloween is a great time for me - my daughter was born on this day! I always liked being a witch or a gypsy and once I made the best Princess Leia (Star Wars) costume... it was awesome! Love the giveaway! Jamie V in MT
B, Skelley said…
Danita, sending prayers and good wishes your way for your doctor appointment.
Your artwork is WONDERFUL!
My favorite of all of the costumes my mom made me was a fairy princess, blue-satiny type fabric, with glittered stars.
Many blessings,
Anonymous said…
I just read your post about your weight issues below.
I like you have struggled with weight...for the last 20 years. Since February I have lost 35 pounds...I have 30 to go. It was hard but I did it with my Dr.'s help.
Before I started I had a test to determine what foods I was allergic to...come to find out that Glutens amongst a couple of other things were the culprits. Taking them out of my life has made the pounds come off.
If you would like more information about the test e-mail me and I will tell you the name etc.
Good luck in whatever you decide to do.
You don't have to include me in the drawing, as I came late to the issue...although a gift like that would make me happy beyond measure.
Hello Danita! I will be thinking of you during your procedure and crossing my fingers:)
My favirite costume would have to be when I dressed up as The Bride of Frankenstein and I used my own hair. I hung upside down and used a TON of hairspray!
shawn said…
I pray your appointment and recovery go smoothly and better than you expect!
My favorite costume? - there are lots of favorites for me, with my children now being 19 and almost 15, but I think it's probably when I dressed my daughter as an Egyptian princess and my son was a mummy, wrapped up in torn-up bed sheets. . . poor thing he started getting over-heated, wrapped up in all that fabric, and I felt kinda bad because I thought my 6-year-old daughter looked great with her eyeliner, shadow, and mascara on! But they both so adorable!
I know they all have to grow up, but I really miss those days sometimes.
Take care of yourself this week, and God bless!
Lucia said…
I will be thinking of you and I hope that your procedure goes well.

My favorite costumes (I have two...sorry) are sailor outfits and pumpkins...I love to see kids in either of these. My poor daughters wore sailor dresses for so long....
Lucia in San Francisco
Rowan said…
Thank you for giving the information of what you are going to do and go through. I hope it works well for you and you get everything necessary out of it. It's a scary thing to do.. turning yourself over to others. Good luck and I will be looking forward to hearing about your results.
My favorite costume was not for me but for my daughter. It was a bumble bee outfit with antennas. She looked so cute in it. I'm a big fan of your work and your blog. You often share things that I'm sure many others can relate to. Wishing you the best with the doctor appt.
Victorian Lady said…
Congratulations and I hope you are feeling better soon!


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