What's on your desk today? Plus balloon update!

So I went to the doctor and schedule the collocation of the balloon for next Monday. If you don't hear much from me next week is because I'll be throwing up in the bathroom or feeling miserable in my bed.... It's expected to have vomits and nausea for about a week after the balloon is placed because it's the way the body copes with the strange thing inside... After that I'll feel better and be more in touch :)

For the ones who asked more about the procedure, you can find out more here. They explain it better than I could :P

I'll be 15 days in a liquid diet following by 15 days of purees (yikes)... and after that I'll start eating solids in small quantities. So If I'm cranky you know why :P I'll be posting more info soon!

Now for the fun part... New art and goodies!

For the ones who asked for more Pretty Girl brooches, now they're available!
New Halloween paintings coming too!

Very fun charms! (Including some Frida Kahlo's, bunnies, mermaids and Halloween)
A New Paper Doll... Great For Halloween!

Handmade Collage Art Jewelry Boxes!

And more jewelry on the works too!

Stay tuned, I'll be adding new items during the day today and tomorrow =) And thanks a million for the wonderful response to the giveaway! Keep signing up for a chance to win!!!!


Sabbio said…
I'm sorry to hear the balloon process is so awful... but I'm sure it's worth it and after you'll be just fine and will benefit from this :) I wish you all the best for the coming days!

Your brooches and jewels (eventhough not finished) are just adorable, congrats!
Stay well Danita and take good care of yourself. I love your new little creations ~ especially the Halloween paper dolls!

Your friend,

Kingfisher Farm said…
WOw Danita! How do you get so much done?? Its amazing all the goodies, and they are all wonderful. And yes, stay well! I'll be saying prayers for you, and sending well wishes. Pam
Erica Herbert said…
oooooo~ good luck with the balloon next week! maybe you should just stay in bed & wear fuzzy pajamas & watch lots & lots of tv!
i LOVE all your new stuff! AMAZING!!!
p.s. i have done a few "i paint u, u paint me" with different artists...i always make a video of the process...it's a riot! i'd LOVE to do it with YOU! would u be interested?
p.p.s. did u enter my contest yet?don't forget!
my, my !!! you never stop ! andeverthing you do is soooo wonderful ! your halloween stuf is just fabulous ! good luck at the hospital ! I send you all my positive thoughts !
matilde* said…
just a short message to tell you from Spain I love your creations!!! they are fresh, amusing, loving!!!! and, as for your etsy shop, it´s great!!!, i love your little girls and your poetic faces, they are magic!!!congratulations on your work!matilde*matilina:-)*
Carine b said…
I've just discovered your world and I'm very impressed,I m going to continue my balad,it's so beatiful here...Have a good time!
belula said…
Woww....I love them!!!!....marvellous
Thespoena said…
You have the most amazing art. LOVE your Halloween paper doll set. So so Adorable! Hugs!

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