New boxes

I'm glad everybody enjoyed the virtual tour to my studio.
Now here's the newest thing done there ;)
At my shop.

Have a great weekend!!!


Ale said…
Que hermosas cajitas!!! Me re-en-can-tan!!!!

Felicidades! que tengas muchísimas ventas!

Toda mi admiración desde Guatemala!

everything you touch turns to pure magic you have a very unique way of making whimsy soooo sophisticated
andrea said…
Love the boxes-and loved the virtual tour :)
thewillowsnest said…
So , very cute , love these , a lot of work painting so small on a box!
Me encantan esas imagino las miles de cosas bellas que podría guardar en ellas...
glorv1 said…
I love the boxes. I have a few boxes that I'm going to paint so that I can give them away for Christmas. It's always fun painting boxes. Your's look awesome and I did enjoy your studio tour. Have a great weekend.
OMG!!! These are so beautiful. I love it!!!
lunardancer said…
These boxes are so adorable! I particularly like the earthy muted colors you used and the innocent facial expressions of your girls' faces.
theroofcat said…
I love the Frida like faces!! x

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