Alice in Wonderland everywhere! Where should I begin?

Here I am again! With the paintings ready and so many great things to share with you!

Somerset Studio in the All things Alice edition is out! I made the "With one palette" section this time... and guess what? Of course, It was about Alice!

The originals from this article won't be on sale in this update because I haven't gotten back yet, but as soon as I do I'll be letting you know and posting them here.

I'm so excited! Couldn't be given a better theme!

I also wanted to thank you for all the comments that I received in my last post and in Facebook. One of best things of having a blog is the feedback I receive and the opportunity to "talk" to artists and costumers. And after not so much deliberation I decided that majority rules! The paintings are going to stay colorful (but if the buyer prefers it antiqued, then I'll gladly do it). BluEyedYogi gave me the idea of adding paper to the sides (I went all the way to the back) and antique that, which I did and that put the final touch. I'm so proud of this collection... it's soooo beautiful! (I'm very proud of myself)

What do you think? I'm only thinking Alice right now. I will attend the premiere with my friend Lillian on Friday and I can't wait!!! To keep myself busy I went ahead and made lots of things with the Alice images...

Super cute round glass necklaces with pure silk ribbons.

Long glass tiles with huge colored bail chains.


One of a kind jewelry.

Charms bracelets too.

Boxes with the new collection,

And with the one in the magazine too.

And stitched ACEOS on playing cards...and more!

The update will be tomorrow Thursday 4th at 12 pm EST at my Etsy shop. HERE!

See you there!


BonnyBadger said…
love it love it love it!!! Alice really is EVERYWHERE isn't she!!!! Love the idea of painting the card. Please let us know where you will be selling the originals - etsy?
andrea creates said…
Such beautiful bright cheery colors!
I'm even guilty of having made an "Alice" pouch ;)
Saw your article in the magazine-congrats-it's great:)
Anonymous said…
beautiful! glad you worked out your dilema! everything looks great! ciao
i LOVE the queen of hearts bracelet! and i will be running out this weekend to buy the magazine! congrats!
C'est merveilleux !!!
J'adore ton univers !
Patty S said…
you SHOULD be proud of yourself! you are AMAZING!!!! i am seeing your work in all kinds of magazines. i love your alice in wonderland items -soooo pretty.
:-) xo
metrochic said…
absolutely amazing! my very most favorite thing ever is alice and this entire post makes me SO happy! YAY! i can't wait to see everything tomorrow! congrats!
Shelley said…
this new work is absolutely stunning!! the art is so colorful and happy. i saw your interview on Crescendoh and enjoyed it very much.. congratulations on all the lovely press, you deserve it!
Unknown said…
Oh girl...I absolutely love these, the necklaces, the aceo's and paintings are amazing...Its bursts with such energy and fun.

Congrats sweetie...

Everything is so amazing and beautiful. Love your talent.
Nicola said…
Wow what a truly inspiring post. Congratulations on the magazine!! I love your pendants and bracelets, well everything!!! Gorgeous!!!
Cara Carmina said…
(applauses) I agree you are so inspirational... this is a truly amazing work!!!
congrats... and you SHOULD be proud of yourself girl!!! :)

a big hug...
Alicia said…
So beautiful, I LOVE Alice through your eyes!!
Tina Gilmore said…
Wow your Alice stuff is truly amazing. Check out my "Alice" rant on my blog. Llandudno is not far from where i live, can u imagine why anyone would allow this beautiful building to go to rack and ruin? There were so many things here that pointed to evidence that Lewis Caroll actually stayed here and wrote about Alice here - it's quite sad that it was demolished!!!!
Unknown said…
Woooooohooooooo SOOOOOOOOO beautiful !!! I love EVERYTHING !!!! I saw Jenny Doh that you also proprose some Alice Stamps ???!!! Smooches from Belgium
Thanks, Danita, I just got the Queen of Hearts bracelet. I really mean it when I say I want something *LOL*. I can't wait to wear it.
Juliette Crane said…
so beautiful! i especially love the alice with playing cards. just lovely:) xoxo, juliette
Tita Carré said…
Oi, adoro teu blog , tudo muito lindo como sempre,eu também tenho um blog sobre artesanato em geral, com várias receitas,beijokas
Unknown said…
Your work is GORGEOUS!
And the article in Stampington is WONDERFUL!
Queenie Bee said…
They are gorgeous! Well done you! I'm sure you will sell out in days!
I am utterly in love with your Alice in Wonderland paintings. The playing cards... so clever! Oh and the bracelet! Love, big, big love.
Unknown said…
wow, you are an amazing artist!
first time visitor, I hopped over from crescendoh. love your blog!
going to add you to my side bar and flickr! (miya6)
Thansks for the inspiration!
Alison said…
I especially love the characters stitched on the playing cards. Very lovely collection!
Anonymous said…
Who doesn't love Alice? Your work is so beautiful Danita.

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