Finally, after waiting for a long time, I had the chance to visit Disneyland! You know, when I was a kid I used to hear other children talk about a place called "Disneyland", it was a magical place full of beautiful things, where you could meet princesses, pirates and have a full day of magical fun.

I always wanted to go there, but I live too far and my parents did not seem very interested in taking me there, so it remained a mythical place for me during my childhood, my teenage years and basically all my life... Until this week.

As you know, I am visiting the LA area with some friends and family and Disneyland was a must place to go. Even ow that I am older, the place was filled with magic, beautiful things and much more. I am glad I finally visited it!... Now, I have to go back with my daughter... I don't want her to wait until she's all grown to go!
Disneyland Entrance

Inside Nemo's Sub

Wish came true

Fly Dumbo!

Happy Un-Birthday to youuuuu!!!

Mad Painter

We're all mad here...


Princesses are overrated

It will be just a minute, OK?

Love big things!

The look on those chicken is priceless!

What did he smoke?

Classic Picture


Mindy Lacefield said…
disney makes you feel like a kid again doesn;t it?!?!

i visited disneyland when i was a sophomore in college and fell head over heals in love with the mouse and the man, walt!!

i never went as a kid either. i first visited disney world in florida with my hubby for the first time in 2001. oh my! such a fun place. you have to go there too to experience animal kingdom and EPCOT. extraordinary!!!

i soooo enjoy these photos of you danita, and finally you are visiting a place that you longed to go. so enchanting. congrats on meeting jenny doh. i love the photos. thanks so much for sharing this wonderful experience.

much love and hugs to you.
Mica said…
how fun... my old stomping grounds. I was a Disney local as a teen... yup...I lived in Anaheim... geesh we could have met I am only an hour from there... Glad you had a fun time wt the happiest place on earth!!! Hugs, Mica
Anonymous said…
Really great photos! I too will someday make the 'pilgrimage' to Disneyland! That is awesome about meeting Jenny Doh and getting to do all that fabulous work on Cresendoh and in the Book! Congratulations!
Yippeeee! I am so happy that you were able to go to Disneyland, one of MY favorite places ever! (We try to go a couple of times a year)!!! And take your daughter....she will love it!!! Mine is 13 and still loves it as much as when she was 3!!!!!!!
I met my husband to be at Disneyland back in 1986. That place does hold magic! I am so happy that you got to play there. I love your art. You are inspirational! I love the photos :)
Pure Happiness,

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