I'm On the latest "WHERE WOMEN CREATE" Book!

I have pretty exciting good news to share with you and I'm organizing a NEW giveaway to celebrate!!! Wohoooo!

I bet that you are all familiarized with the Where Women Create magazines and you probably have the book already. I've been a fan of it since the first day that I saw the book in the store. I remember thinking how I would like to be like those women in that book. They all seemed so happy, doing what they loved. Then the magazines followed, I've enjoyed each and every issue, secretly wishing I was part of them. And guess what? I wasn't. I wasn't invited to be part of the magazine. The invitation was even better.

I was invited to be part of The Book: Where Women Create. The book of inspiration!!!!

I was head over heels when I saw it in the bookstore the other day! I almost hit a guy who was standing right in front of it when I jumped to pick it up :P

I looked at the cover. Opened it. And there I was!!! It was me!!!

Oh boy! I'm so excited about this! I know it's not my book, but it feels great to be part of it. I know thousands of people will read it and I hope they find in my story a bit of inspiration.

Thank you so much, Jenny and Jo for including me in this amazing book next to the other wonderful women. I'm really happy!

Take a look at this great video to learn more about it.

You can get the book online at Barnes and Noble and Amazon and everywhere that books are sold.

Now, for the giveaway. Please leave a comment saying what inspire you to create and what's the part that you love most about your studio (If you don't have one, what would be the thing you'd love to have). You have until next Friday, March 26th.

What's the prize? A signed copy of the book (by me) and a set of bookmarks that I haven't done but I will by the time I pick a winner ;)

Good luck and happy weekend!
I'm going to keep jumping with joy and looking at the book (at the same time). It's going to be hard to read... but I can still look a the pictures ;)

Now, for last week's giveaway, the winners have been chosen! I wanted to make this the old fashion way but we have the technology now and I may as well take advantage of it....

158 Entries. Thanks so much for the response and for all your comments!
And the first winner is.... (Drumroll please....): Jen!!!
And our second winner is: Sophie!
Congratulations girls! Please contact me and send me your addresses so I can send you your goodies right away!


Family and Fabrics tend to inspire me. I also tend to feel more inspired when it is snowing or happy and sunny out. I love my creative space! It has 3 HUGE windows, so I get to see the snow falling or the trees blooming. I also have a little spot where my kids can come and be creative as well. My room is very colorful and I have my fabric memory quilts, special art dolls, and my kid's work hanging up. Hmm.. I think I'll go there now!
TesoriTrovati said…
I moved into a new home in December. The best part is there was a big blank room in the basement that was just screaming to be my studio. So we ripped out the carpet and had hard floor installed. Right now it is all boxes and baggies (I am a jewelry artist) and folding tables. But in my mind, it is really cool. My last studio I had a wall of sheet metal installed under the cabinets. It reflected the light and was perfect as an inspiration with magnets holding all sorts of inspiring things, including round tins filled with supplies. I can't wait to have that feature again. And I have books upon books and magazines and all manner of resources. Right now I have open shelves, but I also plan to have some closed storage for the more unsightly part of the business of creating. I have a computer area, and that will be neatly organized and a joy to work in. Above it will be a huge shelf to put busts with my latest work. In the center of the room will be a higher table and a few stools, perfect for working with a friend, meeting with a client or extra space. In a perfect world, I would have a utility sink, but that can be in the next room. And the best sort of lighting available. A very supportive rolling chair would make it complete. And the french doors. Did I mention those? That is the first thing my husband said when he saw the space...that this would be great with french doors in the extra large opening.
Thanks for going on my virtual, in my wildest dreams tour! I am working on it in pieces. I will be interested in checking this book out. Enjoy the day! Erin
Mr. Danita said…
This is an awesome feat, and a very well deserved recognition to you and your work.

Anne B. said…
Colors and pretty papers. Love good quality papers. My studio is my kitchen table. :) But it is by a big window and that's good.
Unknown said…
My favorite part of my studio are my inspiration/color board and my vintage papers. But I also love that my family gave me space to create~whether it was to get me out of the dining room or because they want my art to flourish I'm not sure!
Michelle said…
Animals, nature, a passage in a book, an interesting science program... I believe almost anything can be inspirational if we're open to seeing it.
I don't have a proper studio set up yet, but hopefully this summer we'll get the guest room set up as one!

Blue Green Arts said…
I am always inspired by Nature in my art work. I have a great studio with a big window letting in lots of sun. I think having a nice bright space is really important for me to work.

Congrats on being in the book, I can't wait to pick it up. I've been a huge fan of the WWC magazines all along as well. I can't wait to see what your studio looks like.
Trish said…
When I create, I feel better emotionally, that is what keeps me inspired! I don't have a studio, but I do have a little corner of my bedroom set up for art projects, and I think my fave part is my "inspiration" bulletin board ;)
Alison said…
I am inspired by the outdoors, especially the vibrant colors under the spring sun. My creative workspace is the corner of the computer room, but I am able to look out on our crepe myrtle in the front yard. I will set there in the mornings (on weekends) and look outside at the coming day, see the birds and become aware of the weather and the turnings of the world for that day.
This is the first I have heard of this book--thanks for sharing, and congratulations on your presence therein!
Heather said…
I'm inspired to create by the world around me... shapes, colors, nature, people, news... everything is a piece of inspiration waiting to be seen in the right light.

My favorite spot in my studio? My antique drawing table... I like to work at it and wonder what those who had it before me created there.
Irit said…
I think just about anything can inspire me to create. I take inspiration from small moments, as well as from major events.
I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I don't actually have a studio. I do most of my crafting in front of the TV.
There is something inside me that inspires me, something in me that makes me create. I am not sure what it is but it is always there, and I am grateful.

My studio is my kitchen table and I love it when everyone is happily pottering around me.
Unknown said…
smallroots said…
Congrats! What inspires me is nature. I love how plants transform over time. A simple green bush can turn firey red, or a bare tree can suddenly bloom with pink bouquets. I love how light plays on nature's shapes and colors. So inspiring I want to capture each special moment. As a photographer my studio is the outdoors and while working on photos my studio is the kitchen table. =)
My inspiration comes from within. I have to create...to make pretty things with my hands. I have a very noisy muse that gets cranky when I don't make time to create. The best thing about my studio are the big windows right above my art desk...I love all the light.
Crypt Stitch said…
I love Where Women Create too! I created a book of inspiration, where I stick pics of any random thing that I love that I come across in mags and on the web (including some beautiful Danita art!) - I can then flick through it at random to get the creative juices flowing. In my little 'studio'I have a desk that sits under the window, with a bougainvillea and mock orange under it that wafts beautiful scents and wave gorgeous mauve blooms at me. Heaven.
Mescrap said…
Congratulation !!!

My inspiration board and art & craft magazine (especially the Cloth, Paper & Scissors) are my source of inspiration.
I don't think I can find "Where Women Create" in my local bookstore. Everything is hard to get on my area.
janil said…
Congratulations to the winners an to you for the book!

I was inspired by my sons (their drawings), nature and illustrated kids albums...

I haven't a studio... I 'd love to have one full of booths and I could hang on the wall pictures from my favourite artists...

Thansk so much for the chance!!!
Anonymous said…
I have a corner of my room that is my "studio" that inspires me just sitting there among all the goodies. It is my happy place.
Nicole Austin said…
congrats on being part of the book! your artwork is so lovely! i am inspired by the seasons--i can't get enough blossoms and pink and birds these days. anything spring. i would love to have a studio again! but right now, my dining room is my studio and the best part is the enormous table and windows that let in the most beautiful light!
Anna M. Rosete said…
Hi Danita! I am inspired by my culture and heritage. I know that things from my childhood make it to my artwork. Also inspired by nature, the seasons. This is where I draw my colors and textures from. Storytelling is also very inspiring to me. After I create something, I have a story to tell about the piece.
Jami said…
Music inspires me as do the many blogs I check out. I find other artists inspiring and the monthly issues of Where Women Create are another inspiration. However, the one constant major motivational factor in my life is the creativity that my son and daughter show in their daily creations and imaginations. They truly are inspirational! My studio is part of the unfinished side of our basement and I have a great big table, awesome vintage doctor's cabinet for storage and the dresser/hutch from when my kids were infants. I long for this area to be upstairs where I have actual light and where my toes don't freeze!
Congrats to you!
Norma said…
Do piles of supplies count as a studio? Maybe some day. Light and organization would be my dream studio!! Lots of natural light.

k said…
I am inspired by others, nature, nurturing moments... my studio is wherever i find space! I only have a bedroom right now... and my floor is covered in schoolwork and laundry, so usually my bed :) would love a living room and desk of my own, would love a book to see your spaces ;)
Congratulations to the winners!! and congratulations for the book!!! Great news!
I haven't got a study... at the moment is a corner of my sofa and the table at the dining room ;) my inspiration...maybe nature, art...
apinkdreamer said…
i am inspired by the children for my creations!
i love looking at my art books and my pencils in my studio!!!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations! It does look like a wonderful book of inspiration! I am inspired by nature, woods, mushrooms and light of Spring and Autumn:)
Effie said…
Sitting in my craft space surrounded by the familiar mountain of stuff.......... and then creating the unfamiliar!... magic!
Tracee said…
I'm about to take over our one and only guest room and will be so excited to have everything in one place! That will be inspiration enough for me! Congrats Danita!
andrea said…
My favorite thing is the fact that I have a new studio~however if I have to choose one thing in it-it has to be my new cutting table-I designed it just how I wanted it to be and we made it just last month :)
Susan Crane said…
Im inspired by color! I see fabulous combinations everywhere I go and can't wait until I can go home and splash them all over the page! I would like a studio that doesn't have my bed in the corner :)
Juliette Crane said…
congratulations on the book. i cannot wait to check it out! it looks beautiful and i too have loved the magazine forever and always wish to be just like the women in their studios looking so lovely and inspiring.

what inspires me to create is having an outlet for my emotions and creating something to express and share those emotions with others. my favorite part of my studio is my painting table. i just adore all of the colors and test out paint right on the table. thank you!
Silke Powers said…
Congratulations, Danita!! How wonderful!!!

Well, what inspires me? Books, nature, talking with Daniel, friends, laughing, cooking, etc... What I love most about my little studio are all the little pieces of art from my dear blogging friends...

Love, Silke
Anonymous said…
Most of the time, I'm inspired by my emotions. I think that the artwork I do reflect what I'm feeling at the moment, whether it's sadness, boredom, happiness, or playfulness. I'm also inspired by everyday living, the little things that happen in the day. If I had my own studio, I would love the ability to leave my mess where it ends up. I now use the kitchen table and it's such a hassle to have to put everything away in order to eat!
Listening to music inspires me a lot. Some lyrics make me build a mental picture of what my next creation will look like. I mostly listen to music when I'm driving to work, and that is when I get most of my insights. My favorite thing in my studio is my sewing machine and the awesome fabrics I've recently purchased.
Lydia said…
I am so sorry that I missed this giveaway. Ehhhh!
Lydia said…

I just realized that I didn't miss this one for the book. Yeah!

My insides wanting to seep out of me, from living through the ups and downs of life inspire me to create. That and vintage fabrics, ephemera, baubles, and wonderful artists such as yourself, Danita. Your light hearted blogging is inspiring, and finding out that you are a 'regular ' :) person makes it all the more fun.

My studio is a huge part of my big basement. The studio is not yet built, but I keep plowing away at things like vintage furniture that I find for a song, that will be in my studio. These furniture pieces and accessories are fun for me to envision the studio that awaits. But, my favorite piece is an old dresser from the 1800's that my daughter got me for Christmas, Russian Christmas, Mother's Day , and my upcoming birthday, all combined.

My daughter is a college student who works on campus to pay her tuition. There is a great story with this piece. My good friend Jenny and I would always call each other when we were antiquing, to see if the other wanted to meet up. We always called one another, even though we may not be able to meet up. It would always be spur of the moment. Well, Jenny told me about this scalloped edge piece dresser and how she almost bought it, and asked if I'd seen it at this local barn sale. I had just been there, but had not seen it.

Then suddenly, Jenny passed away, last Sept... She was only 47. She was the mother of my 14 yr. old son's best friend. She broke her foot, by tripping over a mannequin in an antique store, while antiquing at the beach with her 11 yr. old daughter for the weekend. She had to drive herself home 3 1/2 hrs. after the Emergency Room. A week and a half later, she passed away of a blood clot. We were all devastated. She was so excited to do a big show with me that was coming up. She was starting to get into artwork, and it was fun to have someone to do shows with.

About a month later, my daughter and I were at that local barn shop. I saw this piece and loved it immediately. Then it hit me- that this must be the piece that Jenny loved. I felt like she brought me to it.

My daughter asked the barn shop owner if the dealer would take $49- less from the $199-, and if she could pay for it in 2-3 months over time. The owner said that the piece was consignment and that the woman never budged on anything price-wise.

I then proceeded to tell her the story about my friend Jenny, and that I felt that Jenny had brought me to the piece, The woman turned to my daughter, tears in her eyes, and said that she could buy it for the $49- less, and could pay for it over 2-3 months. She said that she would forfeit her commission, because she was so touched by the story.I couldn't afford it because we have been going through rough times because of my husband's cancer.

We were blown away for her generosity. She was touched by my daughter wanting to get it for me. We became friends with the woman.

My husband since then has had a turn for the worst, as he had a stroke , seizures, and blood clot in the lung on top of his cancer the day after Thanksgiving. He was in 3 hospitals, but came home to hospice in Feb. because he lost so much weight and had internal bleeding since 1 Jan... He is very skinny, weak, and cannot express himself well much of the time.

But , the piece never got to the basement because of all this happening the day after Thanksgiving. So it is in my family room, holding his supplies. Every day I look at it, and it helps to inspire me to have hopeful thoughts about 'my studio', and creating artwork in it some day, with a more positive future.

My husband's bleeding stopped 8 days ago, and we are hopeful that he may start to heal, but we do not know.

I would love to win the book, and sorry , that I wear my He-art on my sleeve, but it all does help me to keep going.

Thank you for your inspiring others.

(Beauty Will Surely Save the World....Lydia, Oh, Lydia! Art)
Cindi Myers said…
I'm so happy for you! but of course you should be in that book! You are such a fantastic artist!

I am inspired by my pets. Most of my dolls and paintings are either a cat or dog...they bring me the most happiness!
Diane said…
Color inspires me most to create. I crave color. If I did have a studio, it would be like a kids' playhouse out in my yard, but with lots of windows. I would be surounded by my favorite things and, of course, lots of color and nature.
Anonymous said…
Inspiration to create? Books, magazines, museums, art stores, walk in the park, a nap, fresh air, organizing the studio, buying as new art item, checking out Etsy, ditto for E bay, visiting with my art buddies, talking on the phone with an art buddy, buying a new blank journal, cruising around visiting blogs, etc etc etc.
I LOVE it that I can get real funky and messy in my studio and who cares? It's all mine!
Annette said…
What motivates me to create? I think children motivate me . . . their innocence. What do I love about my studio? I love the light that pours in from the large windows. My last studio had no windows and I love this new one I created from a bedroom that was deserted by our children leaving the nest!
diana smith said…
Congratulations!!! Once in a while nothing inspires me but more often for weeks at a time anything and everything inspires me. Just sitting at my little table usually does. That's my studio, a table in the corner but the light is good and it's mine. And I can always overflow to the kitchen table. Thanks for the great giveaway!
Jessi said…
Part of my inspiration board are ATC's traded in swaps. My son's art on the walls, and my collection of vintage fabric inspire me too. Also, one wall is painted red and the others are a buttercream yellow. Red is my favorite color and is one of the main features in my art. I also get inspiration from Cloth, Paper, Scissors and the various craft books and magazines I have. There is a window but it looks into the next door neighbor's house. Having a TV in there can be a bit distracting, though.

Congrats on your mention in Where Women Create . . . . can hardly wait to receive my copy and see your creative space ")
Anonymous said…
Oh wow Danita! I am so happy for you! Your little star is just shooting through the sky! I would say what inspires me to create is my runaway imagination. Its always 'ON' and if I create stuff it helps get it out of my head! I LOVE my giant table the best in my studio. Congratulations again!
Theresa said…
Congrats! Reading art and photography blogs inspire me~ My favorite thing about my studio space is shelving in the closet that holds all my supplies organized in one area. It helps me be able to grab and create on a whim.
XX thanks for the Chance to win~
many things inspire me to create: things i see when i'm out, other peoples' art, family...etc. the thing i love best about my creative space is the fact that i have one at all! i love it.
Jordy said…
I just moved to a bigger house, so my studio is still in process but I have to say I love the window in front of my desk. I hate it when I feel locked in a square with no windows. I live in a multicultural city, so I think that the mixed of ancient cultures (Mayans) and modern cultures is what inspires me. I have them both walking in the street.
Congrats on your feature!! My family inspire me to create. I love to see my kids eyes light up when I make something new.
Adriana Whitney said…
Congratulations! I am so proud of you.
I just finished organizing my studio after the move and I love the wall in front of my desk, I have my sign, my paintings, corkboad with sketches, paintings from you, Tascha, Diane Duda and fabric samples.
I took a picture of it and it is on my blog if you want to see.
Love you
Angela Friend said…
Congratulations and thank you for the chance to win a copy signed by you! What a treat!
Inspiration for my paintings comes from nature and architecture! I love my studio because it is on the front part of my home with a wall of windows to look out!

Thanks Again!
i moved to a new house a year and a half ago. i had no studio at my former house. My husband asked me if i wanted to have the master bedroom and use it for my new sewing room. I could not beleive my luck. My room is big, sunny and beautiful. It is not quite finished as i need more shelvings and i am hunting for an old table to put in the middle of the room. this is going to be the craft space for me and my girls. What i prefer is my little corner where i have my sewing machine near two french doors that open to a little balcony. :) I can see the changing of the season. My inspiration flows naturally as i work on a project. But sometimes, i will seek inspiration by admiring other people 's wonderful work.
thanks so much danita for offering such a great and generous giveaway ! and many congrats for your success !
monique x
Margarita said…
My creative juices inspire me to create - I just love when inspiration strikes, when I see something in my surroundings, or an abstract idea, and find a way I can express it. The process is what it's all about. The best thing about my studio is my almost floor to ceiling window, for all the wonderful natural light! :)
Robin Thomas said…
Aloneness inspires me. Going into my play room where no one cares or dares to enter gives me space and time. Ahhhhhhh...

Congratulations, you are on fire!
Bonafyde said…
I feel as though inspiration comes from inside me... and in turn I feel this need to create all the time and no matter the medium. Be it cooking, wrapping gifts, dreaming up parties to throw, painting, drawing, sewing, etc... I will say that ideas seem to flood into my consciousness when I am doing the most mundane tasks such as washing dishes or scrubbing the tub... ;)

I am moving on the 1st of April into a temporary space while my new house is getting ready and then I have BIG plans for the light filled studio space I will carve out for myself in the basement. Never in my life have I seen a basement so filled with sunlight like it does in this house! I can just picture my tables spread out and enough space to put everything into custom cabinets.... A huge vision board, my easel set up just so....Oh my.... I will be in my own little world. I wonder if my family will miss me?
Bonafyde said…
Forgot to add this;

HUGE CONGRATS DANITA on being featured in that lovely, scrumptious book! Woohoo! :)
JodiePitt said…
Ever since I was a little girl spending long summer afternoons dangling in my willow tree I've been inspired by nature, because I can see the magic and the divine in everything I must have an outlet for that and that outlet has always been art.
My dream is to have my own studio to play in but at the moment I have the best studio of all- the great outdoors! I also look to Jackie Morris' studio, a childrens illustrator, in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK for inspiration :) She creates magical,stunning art work.
Nicola said…
Wow congratulations on being part of such an inspiring book!! It made me laugh when you said you nearly hit the man standing in front of you at the book store, heheheh. What inspires me? I'd say blogging inspires me the most. To have an outlet where people can see my work every day has been the most inspiring thing for me. Also visiting other blogs and seeing other people just like me who keep coming up with more exciting and creative ideas really drives me to try new things. Unfortunately I don't have a studio at the moment it's a craft table in our family room but we are renovating soon and I'm hoping to get a better space. I want lots of shelves and natural light and places to put up some of my past pieces so that I'm inspired to keep going!!!
bess said…
My 4 little daughters, who randomly run through my dining room/studio daily. They brighten my all my days!
Annette Q said…
Congratulations on being part in that wonderful looking book!
What a grand acheivement!
I havent got a studio :-(
I'd love to have a great big table where I could keep my materials out all the time and with my music playing in the background.
What inspires me? My four year old daughter, visiting other blogs, the changing seasons, pretty patterned paper, beautiful music are some of the things that inspire me :-)
claudia_az said…
what inspires me? Well pretty papers, glitter, watercolors. I see a pretty paper and i get sooo many ideas for it. I dont have a studio, my bed is my place of art, until i clean up and decorate a room we have for storage it will make a perfect art room someday. huz to you ....claudia
Anonymous said…
Hi Danita, My favorite part of my studio is the studio! Lol. My studio is actually a little whole in the wall in my house that is considered the dinning room. But if you were to see it you would think it was a more of a small pantry. However its my space where I can create, dream, make my goals, and get inspirerd.
art.soul said…
you deserve it!

i love your work.
keep it up!!

greetings from Portugal
crafty comadre said…
First, Congratulations! I don't have a studio,yet so I create at the kitchen table I have to say everything inspires me, books, magazines, blogs I love making things! It would be an honor having this book signed by you.
Unknown said…
Danita, how exciting about your place in the book!

What inspires me: Vivid dreams i have at night that won't leave until i document them.
My favorite thing: My little "art cart" that has wheels, holds my supplies and rolls around my house.

Much Love!
jamjar said…
Ihave a tiny studio at the moment - my tiny bedroom! but I have made a space by the window with a lovely little pine table placed there looking out onto my garden and the hills beyond. My inspiration comes from all sorts of things, watching people, the pattern on a piece of fabric, the turn of a leaf on a twig and just letting my mind wander, I never know where it may take me!!
linda said…
Wow! Congratulations indeed. I love the magazine, it's just inspiring to read the stories of great women artists! I create because I have to, because it's therapeutic and lets me express myself in a way that can't be done otherwise. In my "studio" what I love the most is the inspiration board...the bits and pieces of lovely art people send me and I tear out from magazines and such...it's always a happy place to look at, to ponder to imagine and wonder about a fantasy land!
Isabel Cruz said…
The views through my window inspires me all the time. At right I see a castle (dated 1030) at left the Montseny mountains. And just infront of my eyes a pic of my daughter, Diana... she is the inspiration of my life.
CariƱitos from Spain.
Unknown said…
Danita...Congrats on the honor you have been given.

What inspires me is people who have been a intricate part of my life and art. My Dad who passed from cancer 2 yrs ago, Renee my bff who just passed away 2 weeks ago- always encouraging me to put myself out there. Sheldon, my hero who passed in Sept at age 21 from a rare esophagus cancer. He taught me that no matter what strength comes from the heart. All three still inspire me to deal with the fibromyalgia I suffer from to keep going and do what I love and paint, create.

xoxoxoxoxo Have a blessed week.
audrey said…
Congratulations, Danita, on your feature in WWC! You are very deserving of this.

The workdesk in my studio is right under a very large window - I have lots of natural light and I can see the trees, the birds, the flowers, a lot of nature happening before my eyes each day. This would be my favorite thing about my studio space.

Inspiration? Life in general - feelings, nature, music, love. I am inspired daily by all the things that surround me. Life is wonderful and there is so much out there - we must take the time to see and feel it.

♥ audrey
Julieta said…
Usually is difficult to move at my working desk where I have my computer and my "working area" that goes like caothic sometimes of all the things I have there (fabrics, papers, brushes, paintings, needles, yarns, magazines, books, etc). And with my cats always trying to steal all they can found(even my pencils), but there is where the "magic" is done. From little toys to big illustrations, from long scarfs to little hats or even more little scarfs for the puppets.
My ideal would be a better area to work but that will go growing with time.
My purple world ( as I call my room) is my inspiration world, where my head goes spinning for all is trying to get out of it.

Congratulations for appearing at the book. Is so nice the feeling that your work will be seen by a lot of people. :)
Cynthia Flores said…
I with I can say it's my family that inspires me, but since they think I'm just a horder than an Artist (hee hee), I can't give them kudos. Life definitely inspires me...the sun, the snow, color (i love color!!) and the happy times I have. I also get inspired by blogs, art workshops, antiquing...esp when I find something spectacular!!!
For the past 2 1/2 weeks I cleaned out my studio. It's been 6 years since I have truly purged the space. I have an incredibly busy life with my 3 adorable kids and it is often is the space for the "just put it there item". I had no idea what a big task it would be to go through every box of findings and supplies and what a complete cleansing it would be for me for new beginnings and clarity etc. I am so relieved ....sigh bc it is now a space I can completely BREATH in. It even smells good! I really could enjoy a simple cup of coffee in the space now. It feels light, fresh and organized. I am looking forward to endless days this summer of creative play. I am going to make it a goal of mine to have 1 day where I get out to my studio during the week without the kids. I am even going to have March craft night in my studio tomorrow night. Usually, I host craft night on the kitchen table. Anyway, I feel so much more complete inside my heart when I am doing my art and making my crafts. Love inspires me - colors, random objects, words. ...even mistakes sadness and frustrations are inspiring.
I had no idea they were working on a book too! This is exciting. Especially for you being included. Congratulations! My studio is filled with inspirational things...my favorite being a small black curio filled with vintage Halloween figures and crows.
Anonymous said…
Natural sunlight. I can never get enough natural sunlight in my camera; it is just so beautiful!

I don't have much a studio, to be honest. But what I love about my workspace is that my husband's workspace is only a few feet away. It can certainly be distracting at times, but it is such a worthwhile distraction :)

Squidart Photography
SUSAN said…
Spencer Morse said…
What inspires me to create? Usually I see something beautiful someone has made and it makes me almost MANIC to create something beautiful myself. Truly...when I create I think it must be the part of being God's child in me. He must have just loved how it felt to create the world, can you imagine?
Alicia said…
Buying some new art product always inspires me to create. My favorite thing about my studio/section of my living room is how it ties into the rest of the house. My art supplies sit on shelves and the colors are repeated in every room. I love it!
Wow, that is awesome. If I had a studio, I would love to have huge windows along one side and walls of shelves for all my crafting stash. I would like a dutch door so there would be lots of fresh air and maybe a little bird would sit at the door for a peek inside!

Big hug, Deborah
Bonjour y Hola Danita! So sad I missed your giveaway, I thought the deadline was Friday, March 26!!! CONGRATULATIONS on your feature in WOMAN CREATE BOOK! WOW! Your latest art is absolute maravillosas! I am running to the book store to try and find this book so I can tell everyone around "Hey! I know this Danita girl artist! Take care! Abrazos, LuLu xxx
Erica@ZunkyChic said…
Congratulations! You must be so excited and proud!
congratulations.. it's so nice to see the woman behind all that creative energy. I love that magazine!
Congrats Danita! What an amazing blessing for you!
I recently moved into a house in the country and have a huge studio...that is currently packed with unpacked boxes! I am looking forward to unpacking and making it my creative heaven on earth!
Again congrats and thanks for the giveaway, I would love to have this book!
My favorite part of my studio is that I can make a mess and walk away and close the door. I never had a place to call my own with my art until my children grew up and moved out. I took over a bedroom and created my space. I love it! Before that, it was all done on my dining room table, which as we all know, creates a huge mess and when I wanted to actually use the dining room for eating...well...you know...
I bought several type drawers and hung them on the walls. I collect lot of 'things'...vintage rhinestone jewelry, rusty things, games pieces, tiny dolls, anything shiny...and display all in the type drawers.
MiKa Art said…

-I'm inspired by daily life.
-The window beside my desk is great. It gives me light and people to look at.

Have a great weekend!
SusieQ said…
I have a small little corner in my room where I crete and although it has no windows in that corner it's covered with fun stuff and it's my little corner of the world where I can dream and make things and not be bothered :)
crafty comadre said…
Congratulations Danita! Currently my studio is my kitchen table! I find inspiration in books, blogs and magazines. Hope I win :-)
Lesley said…
What inspires me? Music, nature, a good quote, and the children in my classroom as they do art. They are so free....nothing is a mistake to them. I just found your site...how amazing.
Anonymous said…
Dear Danita!
Thanks to this amazing book (Jenny Doh invited me to join) I'm now "touring" the blogs and websites of all participating artists, a most lovely journey I must say. SO happy to meet you here! I love your approach and the stuff you're creating. And I do feel proud being featured in a book along with artists and creative souls like you!

Warm greetings and luck to you and your growing family!

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