Meeting Jenny Doh

On Wednesday Afternoon had the honor of meeting the founder and president of CRESCENDOh, the talented and wonderful Jenny Doh.

Dinner with Jenny Doh

She kindly hosted a dinner party for me and my friends in her home, and we had a wonderful time! We've been working together for some time, but living soooo far, we had not had a chance to meet in person, and I am so glad we did! She is, in one word: Wonderful! As she said in CRESCENDOh's blog it was like meeting an old friend, the relationship we had from emails and letters bloomed in full when we met.... And we even like the same camera!

Great minds think alike!

On Thursday morning we met again in the morning, and we shared more time together... What fun it was! =)

Thanks for everything!

We ate, we laughed and we talked about exiting ideas to continue working together. I am going to drop by the Crescendoh's launch party on May 21st, 2010, and on May 22nd I will participate on a walking tour of Old Town Orange, where at the end of the tour I will be signing copies of "WHERE WOMEN CREATE: BOOK OF INSPIRATION"

Dinner with Jenny Doh

After the book signing, I will be the first artist in the "CRESCENDOh CREATES" workshop series where you will learn how to make mixed media art quilts like the ones you see in the picture with Jenny and Me.

More details coming soon when CRESCENDOh opens signing up for the class. It's going to be limited to 24 people, so make sure you follow up with Jenny if you are interested in signing up.... See you there!


Congratulations, Danita! It's great to see you two together!
Veronica said…
Danita eres lo maximo , no tengo palabras para describir tu inmenso talento!!!!! me llena de alegria ver tus trabajos un cariƱo !!!Vero
thewillowsnest said…
way to go Danita .. your career is really blossoming.. well done .. you are an inspiration!! You look beautiful in these pics too!:)
Crystal said…
Danita - beautiful pictures of you and Jenny!
Congratulations on all that you have achieved with your art. You are one very talented and inspiring woman!
Tina Eudora said…
Two such creative minds in the same space I bet the ideas were just buzzing around! I look forward to what the collaboration brings forth!
MyPinkTurtle said…
Bravo Danita querida! How exciting! You have worked so hard in the past years since I have known you and have been so creative and productive, you deserve all this! Bask in your celebrity! Abrazos, LuLu xxx
Fair Rosamund said…
Congratulations, it looks like you had a great time! :) I wish so badly that I could attend your workshop, I love your work so much! ~Lauren
Kim Caldwell said…
Can't wait to meet you in person Danita!! You are beautiful inside and out. . .

Hugs, Kim
Muchas felicidades!!! eres una gran artista y una continua inspiraciĆ³n!!!
suziart said…
How wonderful!!! You deserve it all! And you lovely inthe pics with Jenny.
Wish I could go to the event!
Oh Danita that shounds like magic I wanted to come but have and art retreat I am doing at the other end of the country I hate missing jennys opeining she has bee so good to me and I beleive in waht she does with all my heart. I have yet to meet her so lucky you Hugs Julie
Victoria Cullen said…
Congratulations! You are very talented and deserve all the accolades coming your way! BTW, where did you get that awesome little shrug you're wearing in the pictures? So cool! Keep up the great work!
Juliette Crane said…
you both look so beautiful! and i love that jacket you're wearing. so elegant and beautiful :)

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