A fun day at the Pumpkin Patch.. and some more samples

I've been a terrible blogger lately because I've been so busy preparing everything for the class that the thing that comes neglected first is this! I still post on facebook regularly but the blog requires a little bit more words and more pics.

So this weekend we took a break and went to visit the pumpkin patch!

Our little fairy was extra happy, and she picked only small pumpkins one for each member of the family... and 2 for her (maybe because she's always her plus something else, like a unicorn, a fairy, a puppy or a princess!)

We were trying to decide here which one was bigger... I think I won!
And yes, it's almost the middle of October and we're still on tees... the temperature has been dropping slightly at night and during the morning, but not during the day... and the sun was super bright!.. Maybe soon it will feel like Autumn around here...

In the meanwhile, I'm off to keep working in the Workshop!

There still lots of things to paint, images to print and projects to stitch...

Are you in already? If you aren't... there's still time!
Don't miss this!


I really admire you!! How you can work still so hard and be a mom and be pregnant!!!!! Your a true WOMAN!!!!
Unknown said…
I have not been over in ages. I am so happy you are doing an online class and look at you, almost ready to bring another "creative soul " into the world !! A follow up on Our love of Mexico. We hope to winter somewhere in your beautiful contry this winter !! hugs Julie

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