Happy Halloween!

We're getting ready to go trick or treating.... What are going to be this Halloween?


Christa Irell said…
How sweet!
Oh, she's so cute!
By the way, I wrote a post on Halloween and Día de los Muertos and I mentioned your work...
Lynda said…
I'm going to be a witch and my son is going to be an evil pumpkin head guy :) Happy Halloween!
Micki said…
Aww, so cute!!

Our halloween is now over, my daughter was the white witch of narnia for her school disco and a cheeky red devil for trick or treating :)

Micki x
Lucia said…
What an adorable little princess!!! Thank you for posting her pic!!
Danita, this year my daughter didn't want to be a princess. She wore a 'Scream' mask in order to frighten her friends!
Danita said…
Thank you! People everywhere was telling her how cute she looked and she asked me if they were giving her candy because she was sooooo pretty ;)
What a beautiful princess !! Great photo ;-)

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