Somerset Apprentice Vol. 3

I'm so happy to share with you then new issue of Somerset Apprentice Vol. 3. And why is that? Not only because it's a great magazine, but also because I'm on it!

See? My name is on the cover next to great artists like Kelly Rae Roberts, Misty Mawn and Rebeca Sawyer!

We were asked to collaborate in the "From the Pros" section with an interview.
I love the new format and all the wonderful info that you can find here. Not only was I able to share a little bit of what I know but also to learn from other artists.

Thank you Jana (the Editor) for inviting me to be part of this!


lori said…
Congratulation!!! How thrilling that must be!!
Anonymous said…
that's because you are a 'great artist' too! congrats. xx
YOU are a great artist, Danita!
That's great, congratulations!
Stephanie Amos said…
Congratulation Danita!
What a wonderful opportunity. I have to get the magazine now! =)
andrea creates said…
congrats! looks like a great issue :)
America Alcala said…
That is wonderful Danita! Felicidades! :-D
you deserve it! you seem like such a fun loving, caring person someday i would love to meet you!
Geri said…
So happy for you - richly deserved!
Pam Carriker said…
Awesome!! I'm in there too, haven't had time to read through the whole thing yet, but saving it for my next airplane ride:-) Love your art!!
Anonymous said…
Congrats Danita, I love that magazine and I'm looking forward to receiving this one over the next few days :)
vanessa said…
Congrats...I love your work and am always happy when I see it published. You are a great artist.

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