It's the first day! I'm so exciteeeeed!!!... (and I've got new stuff too!)

The workshop begins today, and I'm so excited!!! It's been lots of days and nights of really hard work and you will finally be able to see it. For the people who is already in, THANK YOU!!! The ones who aren't, there's still time if you want to join us.

But that's not all I've been working on, I'm still doing other stuff.. like these new amazing rings! I'm in love with them, I have big hands, so I prefer big jewelry, and they don't disappoint.

They're adjustable rings, just like the others but this ones are one inch and come in square and round sizes in silver and brass colors.

I also made another kind of rings, with ornate sides, also one inch but this ones are oval (1 x 3/4 inch). They're all just cute... grab yours here!

More jewelry is coming soon!

Have a great week!


Kirsten Alicia said…
They are GORGEOUS!
Nicola said…
They are beautiful! Your paintings work so well with the jewellery!!
Pelutxi said…
What a beautiful work!!!! :-)
winnsangels said…
Hi Danita. How's the class going? I ♥ your art so much. I wish I could have taken your class. Maybe someday another one. Your art, your jewelry - they have greatly inspired me.
Thank you for being you.
Danita Art said…
Thank you Kirsten!
The class is just beginning but it's going really well! So sad you couldn't join us this time :(
Ella said…
YOU are amazing; I am finishing up
CMBL and will by soon! I honestly can't wait! I'm nervous, I have a new machine to play with, but more
excited to begin~

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