A really fun weekend (and meeting artist Kathie Olivas)

Hi! How was your weekend? 
 Mine was great! We had a chance to go to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico and we had a blast!  We also ride the Tramway and visited the Aquarium. All in one day!!! I'm super exhausted but happy and ready to start my week.

We arrived there on Saturday afternoon and went to a shop named Papers  in the Historic Nob Hill Shopping Center, there are lots of interesting stores and dinning places out there, but we had to leave and my husband took a wrong turn in a street and guess what was there? The Stranger Factory Gallery!


 I saw this big sculpture by artist Kathie Olivas in the storefront through my window and I made my husband stop.  So we went inside, took a look at the wonderful art that was there and I got to meet the amazing Kathie in person! I've been a fan of her for years and I was so excited I forgot to take a picture of us (darn!)... but here's a link to her site so you can see more of her wonderful art. The best part of that visit? She loved my art! How cool is that? That someone you admire so much tells you she likes what you do is priceless!

So, I'm home now, with this beautiful dolls on progress and really inspired to make more art!

What about your weekend? Did you have fun?


awesomama said…
how exciting. i just commented on FB so i won't make this long but kathie was there the first time i stopped in at the stranger factory, too, but i was way too shy to say anything to her. that is awesome that she likes your stuff - it's fab, there's no doubt!
we went out to albuquerque this summer as i had a show at mariposa gallery (which is around the corner from stranger factory). we went to the stranger factory and i did not want to leave!!! i got a few little items, and kathy signed one of them for me, but i didn't get to meet her...you are very lucky indeed! and of course she would like your work...it's amazing!!! glad you had such a fabulous trip!!
Wow, such amazing news! I love her work too<3

I imagine that's probably one of the most amazing compliment you've ever gotten:D Though I'm sure you get many!


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