On my desk and on my shop today!

Hello everybody! How was your weekend? Here it's getting colder. Not as cold as the North must be now for sure, but we're using sweaters now and very soon will be using scarfs and jackets and boots and all that winter gear, and I have the perfect accent to it!
I made a very small batch of brooches and they're in the shop ready to ship.

I'm also making boxes, it's been a while since the last time I made some and with the Holidays approaching I thought it would be a great idea to have a unique box that you can use either as a gift by itself or to contain another gift (2 in one!).  They're still in progress but will be ready very soon. I still haven't decided if I should add some stenciled details or hand drawn... or both? Anyway, while I decide what the next step is I'll let you with this picture of my table today.

Have a great week!


Brooches and boxes...both beautiful.
Both are wonderful! And they go very well together too:)

Been a fan of your work for a couple of years, but only just found your blog. Better do some catching up and browsing back then!

LOVE the colors...You are so creative...
Thanks for inspiring me as an artist!

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