I just couldn't stop myself...

If you have been following me for a while you probably know by now that I'm kind of obsessive-compulsive, specially when it comes to making stuff. When I want to do something I just can't do anything else until that energy has been released and the ideas had taken form. Think of me as a Forrest Gump in the scene when he runs, and runs and runs some more and one day he just stops. That's me right there. If I want to make dolls I make dolls, and more dolls and more dolls and then I stop and move to something else.  I haven't stopped yet, but next ones will be more Holiday related I think. I just can't find good faux fur anywhere (If you know of good places to get it please share!)

So this time I made 4 fabric art dolls that are treat-or-tricksters, 2 Frida Catrinas (but one already found a good home, thank you!) and an Alice doll (totally unrelated, but she just appear out of nowhere and who am I to prevent her from existing?). 

They're on my little shop now in case you want to get there first and grab your favorite ;)


They are so adorable :)

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