Mixed Media From The Heart Is Back As A Self Paced Class

My Online Class Is Back 
For A Self Paced Session 
you can take at your own pace!

Sign Up Today With A Discounted Rate Of $99.00

When I designed my online class, I had in mind helping you explore your creative side rather than giving you a formula on how to paint nice things, I wanted to help you create from the heart, to give you wings and let you fly to find your own perfect creative land.

I'm glad to tell you that I achieved that goal and the class was sold out very quickly, and everyone involved on the class finished very happy with what they learned from the class. I've been following our facebook forum where my students continue to post their art and creating a thriving community of artists... I'm so happy to have been part of it!

I got lots of requests for opening the class again after it was sold out, and now I am offering the class as a self paced course that you will be able to take in your own time. If you didn't have the chance to take it on the first wave, now's the time to enroll!

Filled with the same content of the first class, you will be able to explore your creative side while you learn about color, inspiration, art journaling and creating from your heart. The class is filled with downloadable HD videos that walk you step by step through the same techniques I use on my original creations while you discover what moves you as an artist and you develop your own personal style and art with personal meaning that speaks to everyone who sees it.

Sign up today and be part of the magic that we share on the growing community of "Mixed Media From The Heart". Here's a sample of what my students are saying about the class:

"Danita, I have appreciated your generosity in sharing your art process. It has been very inspiring and I have learned so much. I'm looking forward to creating my own art now."

"Danita I have enjoyed this class immensely! Thank you for opening your art studio, work, and process with us. I am so inspired to create and there is so much happiness in my heart at this very moment. Thank you for giving us this opportunity. May God bless you :)"

"This has been the most wonderful, inspiring, thought provoking and encouraging experience. I am so very grateful to you Danita for sharing your creative process and for being so available, generous and down to earth. I have enjoyed your videos very much, so helpful and informative. I've still got quite a bit of the course to attempt myself due to space and time issues, but thanks to you I have all the tools now to proceed and find my own voice. So a million thanks to you too Danita for sharing your voice and heart, I have loved every bit of this course and shall miss it very much."

"Hi Danita, I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for sharing your processes with us & for teaching this course so openly. This is honestly the best e-course I have taken. It was laid out very professionally, it was exactly what I was looking for & it has answered so many questions. I think I have finally found a style that's really me- it makes me feel happy- as I look back over my work throughout the years it was actually staring me in the face & I just didn't realize it."

"Danita, a million thanks to you for having this class! I agree with others, this is the best e-class I have ever taken. Very professional. I love the format of of the videos! Confession - I hear your voice in my head sometimes. Thanks for letting us look inside your creative process A color journal instead of disjointed pieces of paper and an art journal for experiments and freedom; who knew? Thank you so much for sharing your tips and tricks. Watching you work through your "mistakes" was just wonderful. The interviews were great too! Nice touch. I knew your paintings were special when I first saw them. Now I know why."

Sign Up Today With A Discounted Rate Of $99.00

and get ready to start a journey of self discovery and creativity... from the heart.
See you there very soon!


Just found your blog via Alicja Rodzik!

Very interesting!

♥ Franka

Lisa said…
oh how awesome! can i ask how long we would have acess for .Thanks Danita Love your work
Danita Art said…
Thank you!
Yes Lisa, it will be open for full 6 months and all the videos are downloadable so you can keep them forever.

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