New art!

I´ve been very busy at my mom´s house. My baby is all around the house, constantly on the move and I have very few materials here to work with I have to use more imagination than usual. I wanted to make a paper doll but when she was finished I didn´t quite like it. She needed something else. She needed a story. So in the middle of the night as all my good ideas start, a beautiful song by the spanish group Mecano came to my mind: "Hijo de la luna" (Moonchild). It talks about a gypsy that wanted the love of a man so badly, she asked the moon for it. The moon agreed but asked her for their first child as a return. She agreed. When the baby was born he was as white as the moon. When the man saw it, she thought it wasn´t his and killed the gypsy and took the baby to a mountain and left it there. The song says that now the moon turns into a craddle every month when the baby cries and will be full when the baby is happy. So I got it! I´ll made her with that story in mind. I make a paper mache box and put her there... and the fun began! After many pieces of paper and dirty fingers later she was finished!! She will be on Ebay beginning today for the ones interested : )


Lori said…
Danita, this is just so beautiful, perfect for the story!!
Sam I Am said…
awww danita..she's so LOVELY!!!!!!! PERFECTO!!!!!!!!!!!
Diane Duda said…
I love her and her story!
Anonymous said…
WOW! This piece is beautiful, I really love it.

Being away sucks, but we'll see each other real soon. Say hello to baby Marielena!

Your husband,

Becky said…
Have I told you I love your work. This new one is so sweet with a story and all. Just lovely. Love it all. I have put a link to your blog on mine just so I can click and see what is new. I hope and wait for more. Thank you,Becky
Danita said…
Thank you thank you thank you! For your comments and for the time you take to leave me a comment.. thank you!
Anonymous said…
Oh Danita, she's fantastic! great story too.

my good friend Kelly Snelling directed me to your blog, knowing i would love your art... aaahhh she knows me so well! i am also of hispanic heritage and so love its influence in your work. Especially your impressions of Frida! i will be checking back often to see what new creations you have for us.

with smiles,
Danita said…
Thank you Mija! and thank you Kelly for telling her about me!

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