Happy Day of the dead !!

Today is day of the dead in Mexico and I'm going to visit some altar expositions today. Day of the dead is one of the most important celebrations in Mexican culture, one in which we honor the dead with altars and mock the grim reaper, or "La Calavera" as we call it. Altars are shrines made for this celebration in which food, candy, flowers, drinks and candles are offered to the spirits of the dead, as the popular belief is that they will come today to visit and share the food and drink and other things we left for them with the living ones who dearly miss them.... But not only altars are made today, also paper mache figures usually resembling skulls, wich is the representation of death itself. And in Mexico City they're making a mega altar with figures of Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, El Santo and others... oh how I wish I could live there sometimes.... Anyway, I meant to make an altar for Frida but all I got around to do was a painting, in honor to her. (She'll be available for sale on Ebay today). I'll take some pictures of the altars and post them tomorrow. I love Halloween, but the best thing about living in the border is that you get the best of 2 worlds and I get to enjoy both traditions.
I hope you have a very pleasant visit today!


Anonymous said…
I've been meaning to write on this Blog for ages. I was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer last year in late November. I discovered your art while I was off from work during my chemotherapy, and as you know, I've been buying quite a bit. Even when I don't buy, I LOVE watching out for the new stuff you're doing. It always brings me great joy! But I did want to share that the last painting I bought ("Trust," with the girl putting her head inside the wolf's mouth) is probably my favorite because it reminds me of how I trusted in God and the love of my friends and the expertise of my doctors -- and even though I've had my head in the wolf's mouth for the past year, I have come through this stronger, happier, and healthier. My last test showed no evidence of Cancer. Hooray! Thank you for all of your beautiful uplifting art!

Mary (Mary Quite Mary)
tascha said…
Great tribute to Frida! I look forward to seeing the alter pictures!

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