Hi Everybody! Did you have a great Halloween? I hope you did, because I did. I even dared to enter to a scare house in my neighbor's house... and this clown was welcoming us inside (as if clowns weren't scary enough... with that face I will not sleep well in a while).... That's were our trick or treating ended because my daughter was so scared of the clown I had to take her home (then I returned with my husband and entered)... very creepy that one, with his balloons and moving veeeery slowly.

Anyway, even though I had a really good time, I'm kind of sad that it ended.... I don't like it the day after...but we have thanksgiving coming.. and then Christmas! I even made my first paintings for each Holiday and some dolls (available at my ebay)... I hope I get over the clown soon and get in the mood for Santa...


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