A gift for you

I made this gift tags for you. You can download it here, print it, cut it, add a ribbon, add to your gifts, it's yours! Just click on the image and then right click, save. After that you can print it as many times as you like. It looks great on card stock or adhesive paper. I left room for you to cut it with decorative scissors or make the corners round, anything you like... I just hope it's not too late! Being a procrastinator, I haven't even started with the gift wrapping!


Sweet Petunia said…
These are georgeous...thank you!
Anonymous said…
son preciosas Danita! gracias por tu generosidad!
felices fiestas!!
How sweet of you Danita! Merry Christmas!

~Tonya said…
Thank you so much, Danita! They are just so neat.

I hope you and your family have a Most Blessed Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.

Sherry said…
These are beautiful and so very generous of you!!

Sending you many wishes for a bright and happy Christmas!
Sam I Am said…
Merrrrrry CHristmas Danita!!!!!!
Aleta said…
Merry, Merry Christmas Danita!!

Warmest holiday bear hugs, Aleta
Angie at Home said…
I love the gift tags.... thanks so much. I hope you and your family had a very merry holiday... and that you got good stuff when you broke the pinata.
Thank you so much for the tags! I attached them to all of my gifts and they were hit. Have a Great New Year!
Anonymous said…
How darling. Very generous of you to share these with everyone. I am going to print some and stick them with my Christmas things for next year!

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