The All Seasons Parade is available for sale beginning today! You can get it at the PFATT Marketplace or clicking the picture. SOLD, Thank you!

I'm also offering a blonde angel! (Not very common in my work). This piece is titled "Light a star for me" and she will be available at Ebay this afternoon. I have other paintings there too, but this one is a very special one :)

I hope you like them!


Anonymous said…
Hola Danita! Que bonita! I loooove this Holiday Parade painting! Love the faces of the girls, the colors. Your art is so free-spirited! Come and visit more often!
Aleta said…
Oh, Danita!!!!
I love your blonde angel!!! Pretty please do more blondies!!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta
Anonymous said…
Hi Danita! school has kept me busy and I've missed looking at your art. Love EVERYTHING you create, such heart put into each piece! Happy holidays, Sharon
noodle and lou said…
Hi Danita:) I just went over to PFATT and saw your adorable Holiday Parade painting! soooo lovely and I'm not surprised at all that it is already sold! Hope you are having a great week:) xox..jenn
Both pieces are wonderful. xoxo nita
diddley said…
Wow... I love your work! Great stuff, thanks for sharing! :)
Danita said…
Thank you for the comments! I think I'll do more blondes :)
Danita.....I absolutely Love your seasons paintings! =o) Positively pretty!!!

Happy Holidays!
Anonymous said…
awww...she is soo cute

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