I'm back!

Hi!!! I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas!!! I'm back from my vacations. I went to visit my family and spend Christmas with them. I didn't rest as much as I wanted (I prefer the chatting all night long) but I had a wonderful time. Now that I back I'm ready for the new year, with lots of ideas and energy!!! And to say good bye to the year, I'm auctioning a man!!!! He was the perfect closure to the year and will be on Ebay tonight. I hope he is well received. He's a very strong man and can do many things around the house! He will be the perfect companion for all the girls on your wall ;)


Sam I Am said…
heheheeeee!!! love your Man!! with his lil curly chest...how fun!!!
Happy new Year Danita!!!
Hi Danita!
Love the man, especially his chest hair....very funny!

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