I was tagged!

I was tagged by Elsita and Annie Patterson to list 5 random things about me. (Does that mean that I have to list 10?) Thank you for choosing me!

After not much deliberation, here I go:

  1. I have a plush cow that I named Caroba after a skating cow that was part of a circus ("Caroba la vaca patinadora"). Caroba not only listens to me but she talks back (she's irrelevant and witty as I wish I were). She has slept with me since I was 16 years old. She's also a meat eater, loves hamburgers. Now I'm passing the tradition to my daughter, who also has a cow named Vaca Vaca (Cow Cow... I know, how original).
  2. I don't go to any circus that have animals. I love the acrobats and all that but I can't stand how animals are treated. Specially elephants which are my favorite animals.
  3. I bite my nails down to the fingers. A friend of mine used to call me eraser fingers. She would ask for an eraser and then grab one of my fingers and pretended to erase with them.
  4. I used to be terrified of dogs. Even chihuahuas would make me scream and run and almost faint. I would detect a dog anywhere and wouldn't be where there was one. If we going to the park and one dog was there, I just didn't step out of the car. Until one day I decided to overcome it. Got Lennon, later on adopted Sofa and the rest is history. Now I'm a dog lover and I can approach any dog anywhere with no fear whatsoever.
  5. I don't like being photographed. Even as a kid. I would lift up my dress to cover my face...now as a grown up I don't wear dresses anymore in fear that I will lift them up :P
Me then...

Me now!

Ok, now you know too much about me. It's my time to tag 5 more people Lily, Suze, Sandy, Nita and Aleta.

Now it's your turn. Here are the rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog


Iside said…
Ok!! now I'm tagged, well thanks!!
I promise to do it tomorrow, now is finishing my day, here at Italy is almost 12 p.m. o'clock and I have to go to sleep.
Tomorrow fresh and new I have my homework to do!!
thanks for your comments about my work, I'm happy you've liked it.
big hugs!!
~Red Tin Heart~ said…
Thank you for your comments sweet girl. I will do this tonight. xoxo Nita
Darla said…
Hello, I came over from Suze's blog. I'm just in time to learn something about you I see.

Love your banner.

iHanna said…
Fun list, you are a funny girl. I'm very impressed with how you overcome your fear of dog and went the oposite way. Great work!
Sandra Evertson said…
Ha! Great post!
Sandra Evertson
Annie Patterson said…
Hi Danita,
It was fun to read these things! They made me smile.

Sam I Am said…
lol..i loved reading these about you..and giggle thinking about you lifting your skirt when having your picture taken lol
you are too cute :)

goshhhhh..i gotta do this?? hmmmm...
now i will have to think of 5 really WEIRD things lol

coconutannies said…
I'm so glad to know a little bit more about one of my favorite artists!I love the bit about not wearing dresses anymore!! TOO FUNNY!
Hugs, Laura
Danita said…
Haha I think it was even funnier for the ones around me...(blush)
Thank God for Jeans!!!

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