I'm almost 30 and I still believe in Santa...

It's not news for anybody that I spend most of my days all alone with my baby (the poor thing!) as I'm not from here and haven't found any good friends. Friend to whom I can talk about my art life without that question sign (?) in their faces... So for Christmas I asked for just one thing: A friend! Someone who would understand me when I talk about Ebay or Etsy, who likes to read and if she's a mother even better. Someone kind and extroverted, someone who would like the same things that i do... and guess what? Santa granted me my wish. I found her... or even better, she found me! And it's so great! Her name is Lillian and she is an artist too. And she sells on eBay, which make things great because I don't need to explain everything, I just mention the things and she gets me. And she loves Harry Potter!!! Besides, my baby and hers got well along and we both speak Spanish better than English, ha!... I'm a lucky girl!
Thanks Lillian for everything, I had a great day! (I hope you don't ran out after reading this post hehe)

PS: Click on the image to make it larger. Santa is asking the girl (me) what she wants for Christmas, and she's telling him that all she wanted is a friend (with my face as a girl, representing a friend LIKE me)... I made it last year on Christmas season :)


Sas said…

I liked reading your warm and honest post. I am happy you two have met because I know how important it is to share the true mood of your heart with someone :)

Best wishes to the both of you and Santa :))

Mariposa said…
Oh, how much do I relate to this post! I was new to the state, had one child who was a little over a year old and a new born. All I wished for was someone that would relate to me. It's great that you found someone to connect with! People seem to forget that mom's need engaging, dynamic and understanding companionship too.
Victorian Lady said…
Congrats to you...that is really special. :) I like her name too...it is my daughters! :)
noodle and lou said…
Oh my gosh! How fun!!! You live near Lillian? You lucky, lucky girls:):):) So happy for you both!! xox
Becci Hethcoat said…
After reading your post I think I wish I lived in TX. I have the same problem up here. It is hard to find women who are artsy and understand that I would prefer to paint than hang out sometimes. Good for you for finding someone local who understands you. I keep hoping it will happen for me too! I love your work and read the blog frequently. If I ever move to TX I think we would be great friends!
suze said…
I,too can relate.I'm glad you found a friend.
Adriana Whitney said…
Oh my, I asked for the same thing. On Christmas day (also my birthday) I ask God to give me a good friend with things in common.
Hey, I want to be your friend too! I speak spanish and I live in Texas :)
Hi Danita: Oh I just came back from my daughter school and saw your blog, This is so Beautiful,so sweet. Im so happy to know that I find a friend too. I really had a great time, We do have a lot in common and it was a pleasure talking to you. Your baby is adorable and soo cute! I hope we can share not one; thousands cups of coffee more, and of course we need to go to Target together OK :) Huge hug for you and a big kiss to you sweet daughter. Thank You Danita for a wonderful day.Your friend Lillian.
Diane Duda said…
Well, you must have been on Santa's "nice" list to meet such a good friend. :)

Danita said…
Oh yes Diane, I've been very nice the whole year :P
Adriana, you're welcome any time! and Becci, please let me know if you move here :)
That's wonderful, Danita!!
I wish you & your new friend the best of artful fun times together! :)
take care,
Nichol Brinkman said…
Santa TOTALLY exists. I am very happy for you. Friends make such a difference. It is nice to have this online community, but sometimes you need to hear peoples laughter and see into their eyes! I moved a couple of months ago---could you put in a good word to the man in red for me?

sUz said…

I'm 34 and I still believe in Santa too. He brought me a beautiful baby boy. Next year I'm going to ask for a friend since it worked out so well for you and LiLLian. :)

iN jOy,
Anonymous said…
Oh, I completely understand! I have not yet found a true friend here and I have lived in my current location for five going on six years. No one really gets the art me...they love my work, think I am "very talented" but I can't talk about art with any of them, can't take any of them thrifting for inspiration, etc. I have been praying for such a friend for quite a while now...maybe I just need to keep at it! Congrats on finding your special friend, you are lucky indeed.
Lunara said…
ayy.. q lindura q hables español tan bien, entonces no me enrollo con el inglés por q luego uff escribo no muy bien jeje.., sabes q bonito q hayas encontrado una amiga así... (son regalitos, bendiciones).. pues a mi q también me hacen falta.. 8(.. todo llega cuando se pide no?.. Besitosss, lindo trabajo!!
Krissy said…
Hi Danita. I've loved your art for some time and I also understand your 'friend' situation. I moved to Charlotte 4 years ago and had the hardest time finding people I connected with. But just in the last couple of months I've made friends with a former dancer who is married to an actor (I'm a former professional actress), a friend whose hubby is an artist and found a babysitter for my sweet girls who is also an artist. Yippee!
love.boxes said…
Me too! &

I hope you feel better soon.
Adriana Whitney said…
I know this post is old but I got what I wished for this year. I made a great friend, she is an artist, blogger sells on Etsy and we live close. hugs! Adri

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