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Preparing the canvas. I like this part of the process. When everything is new and white and ready for whatever I want to do. But it's also a very scary part. The canvas are so perfect that way you may get afraid of ruining them. So that's what I do. I just can't seem to make a perfect sketch... I just draw and draw and draw on it until I like what I see (believe me, I know which one of all those marks are the ones... but for the example I mark them on red).

Once the canvas is on this condition, I'm not afraid anymore. There's nothing to ruin there. I can paint freely and happily, with no hesitation (just lots of paint to cover the mess!).

And for the ones who asked, this is the final painting:


Theresa said…
It was fun reading your post today. I really enjoyed seeing how your creations come into being.


Hola Danita: Yo tambien al cuando se me va la imaginacion hago puros rayonaderos jaja (ni se si asi se escribe). Cambiando de tema, sobre el collar, lo que se te haga a ti mas conveniente, creo que el martes voy para alla (ya sabes donde)..jaja como Voldemort, o dime que dia vienes tu y nose vemos en algun lado, o estas cordialmente invitada a mi casa. De 12:00pm a 3:00 pm estoy libre porque la Chucky (mi niña) esta en la escuela, asi que te lo dejo a tu decision y lo que mas te convenga. Que pases buenas noches o que tengas buen dia. Saludos Lillian
Lunara said…
... yes you can paint with free.. and you paint so beautiful..!..
Wonderful artworks.. ^_^
rosmayd said…
Que bella estetica!

Beautiful aesthetics
Shelly Atkinson said…
I find that if I draw on my canvas with pencil......the pencil mark comes out and into my do you avoid the pencil coming through on your canvas?
Danita said…
Thanks for the comments!

Shelly, I use several layers of paint. Specially if it's a light color. It usually does the trick. But it it doesn't I find them interesting :)
misspink said…
Hola danita, no te conocía y hoy por casualidad en el blog Mara Cárdenas te he visto, me encanta lo que haces y cómo ilustras.
Me encantaría que participases en mi exposición solidaria "artistas con ♥" Tienes toda la información en:

Un besazo artista!
Diane Duda said…
I feel the same when I have a pile of white canvases.
I make a mess too. I have pencils that won't smear, but no, I like to sketch with the ones that make the biggest mess. :0

Can't wait to see this finished. :)

sUz said…
hi dAniTa,
Love that you showed your blanks - they remind me of fresh snow.
iN jOy,
Anonymous said…
Hi Danita! Just writing to let you know you've been tagged! You get to share 5 things that nobody knows about you and tag 5 more people...BIG BIG Blessings!
Elena Ospina said…
Es realmente hermoso, me gusta mucho tu blog
Flora Chang said…
Danita.. thanks for being my flickr friend!
I LOVE your artworks... and i can relate to this one! I just recently blogged about how I am afraid of paints (one of the reason is that I don't want to ruin the perfect canvas/surface that i am gonna paint on), plus i am a messy sketcher too... But seeing your photos really inspired me. I am definately gonna try to paint again... *-*
SweetAnnee said…
I love your work
it speaks to me
and brightens my

Michelle said…
I LOVE your art and your paintings. This process/ in progress post just really inspires me! I Love to see things in a raw form come alive into a beautiful creation. THanks for sharing!

Leanne Ellis said…
I love how much energy you keep in your painting by being fearless when your sketching! And the finished piece is beautiful! But having seen your other work I wouldn't expect it to be anything less! :)
Katie Alleva said…
Love the way you work and especially the final outcome!
Beautiful work!
Luv, Katie

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