Most of the women I know (including me) love jewelry. Even if you don't wear it, there's something really beautiful about it. I'm not a fan of gold or anything too fancy, I prefer more humble materials. And lucky me, brass is all the rage now. It looks vintage. I love vintage!! So I made some pendants. And they looked really lonely. So I made them necklaces. And they needed shiny stuff. So I added glass beads and this is the result!! I'm so excited, I just love them. They will be for sale very soon. If you want one before they go for sale just let me know, or if you just love them let me know too! (Just don't let me know if you hate them please!)


Ooo they are all sooooo pretty Danita! Wish I could find some pretty bezels like that for my art pendants...what I'm currently using is getting harder and harder to find, so I'm afraid I may have to stop offering art print pendants soon if I don't find some thing else. I bet yours will all be snapped up as soon as you list them.....'cause they are so very wonderful!!!
Dawn said…
hi there! thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me! your artwork is beautiful! i'll be back to visit for sure :) hugs!
Anonymous said…
love it!
They are just adorable.
where will you be selling it?
Thank you!
Susan said…
BEAUTIFUL!!! I love them...they will sell like hotcakes!
tascha said…
These are so pretty!
sUz said…
oh dAniTa, they are all so very beautiful! Thanks for giving us a sneak peek.
iN jOy,
Anonymous said…
Oh! Simply Sooo Beautiful!!!!! :)
kelly Jeanette said…
Danita your necklaces are gorgeous!!

I would love to buy one so please let me know when the time is right for purchasing:) And I so love your art work, I don't usually comment on your site but you very inspiring.

Thank you
Michelle said…
I absolutely LOVE your art and these necklaces are adorable!!! I can't wait to own a piece from you.

Susan said…
Oh Danita, these are so sweet, they make me want to cry. I love them.
Susan K.
suze said…
Of course I love them! I am like you, I love handmade art jewerly and prefer it over the "other" stuff.
Dream Keyper said…
Gorgeous - through back to the ol' cameo necklace - Updated and super duper sweet! Love your art, too! Suzy
Nichol Brinkman said…
Oh! I really like these. Thanks for posting on my blog, I am actually very glad because that has led me to your blog which is great. --Nichol
Anonymous said…
Your work never ceases to amaze me; it's all so beautiful.
Have you decided how much you will be selling them for?
They are going to sell out quickly!
noodle and lou said…
loooove them! They are perfect Danita!
Danita said…
Thank you all for your comments! I hope they're a success because I love making them!
Anonymous said…
Wow..these are beautiful. I love the subtle colors with the ornate jewelry settings!

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