30 years

I'm 30 today!!!! I'd never thought I'd be thirty... It's like I never thought I'd be a mom... but now I am and I can't be happier... In honor to that, today I'll blow out my 30 candles and ask for a wish.... Happy birthday to me.


Anonymous said…
Happy happy birthday Danita!! so many Gemini's out there in the art and craft world! Hope you have a wonderful day.

I hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of good stuff.

Theresa said…
Flora Chang said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY from another Gemini!! : )
Anonymous said…
Happy, Happy Birthday to my very special wife... You are the reason why being in this world is worth it.

May your talent and passion for art continue to burn stronger every day that passes by, as it has blazed trough me since the first time I met you.

You're a light that brightens my days, and It's an honor to be with you on this very special day.

Your Husband,
Mr. Danita.
Wendy said…
Happy 30th Birthday Danita!
Anonymous said…
Happy 30's!!!!!!! Can't wait to see what beautiful life art your 30's will give you to share! May God's blessings continue for you and your family, Danita!
Julie Ayotte said…
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Danita! Eat lots of cake!
Michelle said…
Happy, Happy Birthday! Thirty is weird isn't it? But good! Eat some cake!
tascha said…
Hope you have a super day!
So sweet!! Your work is great!!
Adriana Whitney said…
Happy Birthday!!! 30? you are a baby.
What a sweet comment from your husband! you are so blessed with your beautiful family!
Have a great day
Adri ☺
Anonymous said…
Happiest of Birthdays! Enjoy the cake!
Annie Patterson said…
feliz cumpleaños, Danita!
Helena said…
Hi Danita,

May your 30's bring you much joy and happiness and as much creative talent as your 20's did:)
Happy belated Birthday,
Carol B. said…
I wish you the happiest birthday! You are so young, so I know we will have so many more years to enjoy your beautiful art. God bless!
Victorian Lady said…
Happy Birthday! I never thought I'd be 30 either...now I'm almost 32. Have a GREAT daY!
jamjar said…
Happy birthday Danita! here's wishing you the best of days.
Lina said…
Happy Birthday to you!!! I just celebrated my 36th (ugh) on the June 15th!
Diane Duda said…
Happy Birthday, Danita!!
You are still young...so much time left for creating and for enjoying your family!
Have a lovely day. :)

Oh phooey! I'm a day late!

Happy Belated Birthday Danita! May this year be filled with all of the wonderful things you love!

By the way...Mr. Danita's comment made me puddle up! How sweet!

Lunara said…
Danita felicidades atrasadas.. pero todavía se festeja después del día especial como una semana más no? jeje.. q sigas siendo muy feliz!!!! los mejores deseos..
Abrazos de lunara.. ^_^

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