Long time no see

I'm finally back! I spend a little bit over a week at my parent's and I'm exhausted. Going there is so much work. I go with my baby (not husband) and she get all excited to be there and at the same time misses his dad that she doesn't sleep well at night... and everybody wants a piece of me and I go to bed way too late... I don't get any work done not even answering mails. Their computer wasn't working!!!!! So if you wrote me and I haven't gotten back to you, please be patient!!! I will, I promise!

Now I'm at my own home with a huge pile of laundry, a house in need of some cleaning and many, many mails pending.... but I missed painting so much! So I painted today. The laundry can wait. I painted a girl with a fox today. I watched too much Dora the explorer this last week...

Oh before I forget, for the ones who aren't in my mailing list the PFATT Marketplace is updated and this month we're celebrating Halloween!!

Here's my offering:

Inspired by this postcard:
Well, now I go back to my pile of laundry... I wish I had 8 arms...


tascha said…
We missed you!
Love the fox :)
Michelle said…
You know you are a mommy when your art is inspired by Dora! Love them both, the little witch is wonderful!
Juliana Bollini said…
hola Danita:

no sé que es lo que ocurre, ya escribi varias veces,creo que no recibiste. Me encantan las fridas, las muñecas mamás y los angelitos, que te parece?, besos, aguardo respuesta, lindas como siempre tus piezas!
Carol B. said…
Missed you so much! I was hoping everything was alright. Just some good family time. Love your new work!
Oh Danita, I love doing the laundry... if I lived closer I would come and help you.

I sooo love the little witch, we don't really do halloween over here, but I love it and wish we did. Although there would be no pumpkins to decorate as they would be out of season.

The fox is very cute...

glad to have you back...

Love the little foxy. I fell in love with your red hooded doll. amy
Adriana Whitney said…
I am happy you are back! We live in the same State but still so far that I can't go and help you.
My 4 year old is leaving the Dora fase now she is getting in Hanna Montana I will miss "swiper no swiping, swiper no swiping" Oh mannn! he he
Adri :)
noodle and lou said…
Love the fox Danita:)
Happy weekend to you!
Hi Danita,

I have looking at your art work and I am delighting in your use of colours, each time I look at how you combine and create the textures, I feel inspired. Thank you
Anne Michelle
sMacThoughts said…
I look at your blog and wonderful works with a half-smile on my face, in silent awe. Just thought I'd pass it along.
OOOhhh...I want that. So very precious. Absolutely LUV your work & designs. I have added you to my favorite Blogger spot & Etsy too, so I'll be back.
Peace & Blessings,
Village Folk Art

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