Etsy update: New dolls, jewelry and art


Dithi said…
Hey Danita, really love to drop in and see your blog every day, full of fun stuff! I want to add the link to your blog on my my friends can see the wonderful work that you do and your blog is just a click away for me...just wanted to ask you before I added you. Thanks and Cheers! Dee
Sabbio said…
Good news!!! I love the dolls Unicycle, Just as normal and Alice!

Nice work :D
Dithi said…
oops I posted the previous comment from my other email id, I was referring to (I use a different email for this one). Sorry n thanks again. Dee.
Michelle said…
It is all sooooo beautiful!
Hey Danita

I have been to have a look and Oh my goodness it is hard to decide what I like best. The dolls intrigue me, the jewellery is just beautiful, and the prints!!! You make it very hard to decide what to buy.

I have now opened my own etsy shop and I want to thank you for your words of encouragement...

and I also want to say Danita, you are my hero, you are so clever and so very kind...

thank you

Juliana Bollini said…
Hola Danita;

Lindas todas tus piezas! Recibiste mi respuesta sobre nuestro cambio?
besos y aguardo news!
what can I say??...everyone here has said everithing, so only I can say to you is keep this work growing!!!
Elena Ospina said…
Danita: TODO, todoooooo, todo aquĆ­ es hermoso.
Me encanto el encabezado del blog
Anonymous said…
Danita, love the items in your Etsy shop & love, love, love that sweet little witch over on the PFATT marketplace. You really outdid yourself on her. She has such vintage charm! Your art just makes me giggle on the inside. It is so adorable.


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