Paper scraps

I've confessed myself a paper addict before and now I must confess that I haven't stopped. I have piles and piles and I keep buying and tearing out magazine pages and getting any piece with an interesting pattern into the pile. Well, it was time to do something with it besides my traditional collages. I think I'm not giving paper its importance when I paint and draw over it. Don't take me wrong, I love to do that. It's just that some papers were born to be enjoyed as they are. They're just too beautiful. But I always end up adding much more to my work.

I wanted to do something simpler, cleaner, where paper was the main and only medium (oh well... and a little bit of pencil?.. and maybe some pastel?) So to Flickr I went to do some research and find inspiration and many hours and 2 muffins later this is what I found:

1. flower power, 2. 4 de 4, 3. Untitled, 4. Super nose, 5. Untitled, 6. small object paper dolls, 7. humpty dumpty, 8. lost and lonely, 9. ********, 10. She knows that is possible to fly, 11. i love sweet basil, 12. Untitled, 13. Untitled, 14. Untitled, 15. My Winter Boots, 16. Pin Pal card design, 17. I should be in a Shakespearean play right now, 18. Group Hug!, 19. Paper Quilt Project, 20. #5

Many wonderful ideas to start with! Paper dolls, paper collages, paper quilts... the quantity of beautiful art on Flickr is just endless...But being girls and animals my main line of work this is what I came up with:
"Running with carrots", available here

They're not framed yet.. but don't they look beautiful? It was a lot of work but I'm very happy with the results! Similar to free hand drawing... but this was free hand cutting. No molds, not previous drawing on the paper... just plain cuts...

So pretty and clean... but the mess has to go somewhere... let me show you where that is:

They will be available at my Etsy shop beginning tomorrow and I'll be adding the rest during the week :)

By the way... It's raining!!!!! Now I can check off my list one of those things that I really, really wanted... If only I had one of these stripped roosters :P


Rachel Hamilton said…
Awe. Thank you so much Danita! I LOVE YOUR ARTWORK. My mother is actually the one who showed it to me. She's an ebay queen and stumbled onto your work one day. SO CUTE!
I love these gorgeous collages from paper - you inspire me to use some of the piles of paper I have accumulated! Connie.
monda-loves said…
hi, I just wanted to say 'hello'. I recently found your blog and i love your work, these paper collages are great too.
flickr is fab for getting lost in isn't it, I do this too from time to time, if I can spare a few hours to indulge.

nancye williams said…
Oh I just have to do it too. I have way too much paper. Pretty soon it will be yellow.
Thanks for your ideas.
These are wonderful Danita! Is there anything you can't do??? They will be a hit, I'm sure.
sUz said…
oh daNitA they're beautiful!!! I always love to see what you dream up!
iN jOy,
The pieces really ARE so gorgeous and clean. The simplicity is wonderful. I'm a huge fan of your original style but I love this too.

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage
Anna M. Rosete said…
Bravo! Bravo! I want them to turn into stuffies, too! I want one of each! Great work, Danita!
Becci Hethcoat said…
Danita...thanks for the prints. They are fabulous and will look great in my daughter's mermaid room. I will put some pics on my blog of them hanging as soon as I get them framed. I love the new work. Especially the mermaids of course! Enjoy the summer...
Sandra_peinture said…
Sorry my english is not good but i love the bunny's character. It's so lovely. Good job !!!
Wendy said…
OMG Danita...those paper people are precious!!! you amaze me with all your talent!
sMacThoughts said…
Ok, gonna be watching your shop for these! You've inspired me, and I also love how you mark the passing of time in muffins.
BEAUTIFUL, Danita! These new pieces are just perfect, you really used the paper to give it utmost importance, after your concept of course. It is graphic, whimsical, VERY different from others' people paper art, and will sell like little hot breads! GREAT work, these are extraordinaire!!! Bravo! LuLu xxx
This works are really beautiful, I also confess I´m a paper addict, ha,ha,ha!! And it´s true I get them and keep them just because they are really beautiful the way they are, but you found a great way to use them!! ;D
Benedetta said…
They are soo adorable! LOVE your work :-)
I am adding your link to my blog-couldn't resist :-)
Wishing you a fabulous day,

These are uber cool Danita!

I started posting a collection of paper cuts I'm working on, on my blog last week. Check them out. I think I'm going to turn them into kiddie flash cards.

Too bad we don't live close to each other...we could talk paper addiction...and watch Charlie and Lola with the fave too :)
Diane Duda said…
i love them so much it hurts!

especially the bunny!!!

OH my goodness!! Those collages of your little characters are too amazing! the collage technique adds another dimension to your girls :) I adore them!
katie said…
sweet, sweet, sweet!! you do beautiful work.
Lunara said…
Hola Danita..., wow, me super encantaron tus collages, est�n hermosos, me encanta el blanco, el fondo contrasta con los papeles, te quedaron bellos. Hasta se me antoja hacer alg�n collage, bueno hay q experimentar con materiales verdad?...
noodle and lou said…
ooooh Danita they are adorable!! I love each one:) That's exactly what my desk AND my floor looks like after I make my ACEO cards;)
So worth it though!!

happy weekend to yoU! xoxo..jenn
Michelle said…
I just love these little paper people!
The little mermaid is gorgeous!! :)

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