Talk Like A Pirate and pillage my Etsy Shop!... But don't burn anything!

Ahoy Mates! Come and plunder me Etsy store! A new jewelry treaaye will be listed over t' weekend for you t' pillage at you heart's content. :)

To celebrate the international "Talk like a pirate" day, we will
list a jewelry treasure over the weekend for you to pillage and plunder on original pieces worthy of a pirate's booty!... And don' forget to check out talking like a pirate too! ;-)


Sabbio said…
This is a funny talk! ^^ I didn't know about that day! o_O
Danita~ Ahh~you sound wonderful& happy! AIEEE~ keeps up that good work me matee!!!~Amy~
Heather said…
hahaha, sounds like a good time~!
Unknown said…
Hope your feeling well!!!
PeachyCheek said…
So cute:)

I love this piece in your Etsy Shop: Oxidized Metal Locket With Red Riding Hood Primitive Folk Art Illustration by Danita

Really pretty!!!
Tammy said…
As someone who visits but has been reluctant to post I have to applaud your bravery with balloons! In March of this year I too was unhappy with how I looked, felt, and was very displeased with what menopause/depression could do to a woman. I started to take better care of myself and to be accountable for what I ate. And I started an exercise program that would make any gym teacher proud. I am happy to report that at my last weight in several weeks ago, I am now 80 pounds lighter than I was in March. It was hard work, but I have been driven by the GOOD LORD and the love of my family. I still have a few sizes to go before I look like I should, but now when I look in the mirror I don't HATE what I see. I see what I have conquered. Keep a healthy attitude and remember where you started! And continue to inspire others. =)

holli said…
Danita cuanto me alegro que te encuentres bien de salud!, por muchos logros, y bellas creaciones, un abrazo desde mi pequeño pueblo!
noodle and lou said…
Keep feeling better Danita!

p.s. arrrggghhh
Krissy said…
Hope you are feeling better. You've been missed and warm wishes are with you!
Hope you feel better! I can't send you flowers, but I've given you an award for being such a great blogger (you might understand it better, it's originally in Portugese!). You can get it on my blog :) Heleen

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