Many trips to the bathroom later and 8 pounds thinner... I'm back!

Did you miss me? I'm back!!! I'm not totally recovered yet but I'm tired of doing nothing... it's just not me... I miss working!!! And my blog and all my online friends!

So here I am... still with cramps and feeling dizzy but I'm managing... at least I can smell things without making me sick and I have cravings already so that must mean that I'm already better.

So I'm thinking I'll make some room for my weight loss efforts in one side of my blog, just to keep me motivated and accountable and to keep you informed. I know many people are interested on how this balloon thing works. I hope my journey helps others too!!!

And please, if somebody is waiting for me to answer an email be patience. I'm still recovering and I can't work as fast as before :) The Etsy and Ebay sites go back to normal now!


Anne-Julie said…
I'm very happy to read you are ok! and wow already 4kg, it's a very good start! I'm with you, go Danita go!
Anonymous said…
Danita -- I just started visiting your blog and I have to say you inspire me, in every way. So glad to hear of your progress and that you're feeling better!
Carolyn said…
DANITA!! I am so glad to hear you up and about. Your a typical artist, "tired of doing nothing and miss your art."
My name is Carolyn by the way and I am a fellow artist. I follow your blog and love your work!
Many Blessings,
sUz said…
hOorAy for you D! SO glad you are on the up and up :)

Take care and don't rush it.

iN jOy,
Sabbio said…
I'm glad you're back and feeling better :) Keep going withyour balloon journey and your art.

Zom said…
all the best to you
Bravo Danita! The best way to go is to go back to work, I agree! I am sure you will make it to your ideal weight and will feel like a mariposa very soon. Argh! I am with you, mate! All aboard the ship, direction Danita store at Etsy. Vaya bien, querida! Como esta su hija? Hace mucho tiempo que no he entendio hablar de ella? Come and joy my followers't list entitled "great people who follow my blog". It makes it so simply and much faster to get updates from and give updates to other bloggers. You gotta get this little widget on your blog! Have a great weekend! LuLu
Anonymous said…
I am happy for you that you are feeling better...and WOW!!!
8 pounds already...well done.
Amy Short said…
Hi, just found you and am very intrigued by the balloon thing. Doesn't it block openings? I am so glad that you are up and about. Great job on the weight loss so far and man I just LOVE your art! :o) I'll be visiting often. Amy
Theresa said…
I'm glad your feeling better Danita. :)


Anonymous said…
Danita que bueno que estes reponiendote!! Vi tu nueva bijou y me encantó!!
Sigue haciendo tus cositas tan lindas!!! :))
suze said…
YAY! 8 pounds already. Glad to have you back but take it easy.
Anonymous said…
Dang, girl..... you already look pretty darn good to me! How on earth did you conclude you were 34 kilos overweight? That just seems like too much. I WISH I looked as good as you already do.

I guess it just goes to show how our own perceptions of ourselves are much different than those of others. YOU are already a BEAUTIFUL woman....

I, too, have been finally losing weight (I began thyroid meds 18 months ago, and have finally lost 25 pounds over the summer... yea!). I'd gained a pound a week for two years and didn't know why; nothing I did would shake the weight, and I ate less than any of my "thin" friends. I finally went to a doctor to see if I qualified for gastric bypass surgery; she did a ton of tests, and found out I was hypothyroid! Even though it took much longer, I am very glad now that I didn't have the surgery, and I am regaining my health. I am grateful to her; had she assumed I just ate myself that way and had not done any tests at all, I would be twice as sick and not much thinner today.

I've figured that if I lose 6.5 pounds per month for the next 8 months, I will be happy with my weight by the time my son graduates!

Keep us posted on your progress, please; and I hope you're back to work, soon... I miss your art!

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