New Halloween prints added to my shop!

Just a quick note to let you know that for the season I'll be adding Halloween prints to my shop. After that they'll be gone! If you couldn't grab the original, here's you chance to have the print!

Here's a sneak pick of what you'll find:



sMacThoughts said…
OH I love the little girl with the mask on! Let me go take a look!!
Sabbio said…
I love them, especially the last one! And I share your view and excitement about Tim Burton's Alice... yours is really beatiful, especially her hat ;D
Elena Ospina said…
magicas tus ilustraciones, me encantan
Anonymous said…
These are so much fun~I especially like the masked girl in the orange dress:)
p.s. congrats on your weight loss!!
Bobbi said…
Sounds like the masked girl wins the prize. She's my favorite too!
Those are fabulous! Your art puts a smile on my face.
Anonymous said…
Hi, I found your beautiful dolls on this blog
they look soooooo pretty.
Hola Danita! Are these extra pounds melting away? I LOVE your latest paintings on eBay! When you have a minute, come over for a visit, I am having a fun Halloween Give-Away! Take care, LuLu
Too cute! Love the Halloween girlies!
Unknown said…
I love you. Not in a stalker sort of way, in a "your right up my alley" sort of way. Anyway, I love you.
Chic&Rude said…
Hi Danita. I absolutely LOVE your style, art and creations. Really. Compliments! Amazing..<3 <3 i will follow you often.


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