In the first day of Christmas...

I was invited by the great Deryn Mentock (Something sublime) to participate in this year's The 12 days of Christmas swap!! The participants are such a talented group of artists and I'm so happy to be part of it. We exchanged ornaments. Mine is number 12 so I can't share my images with you yet, but I will! You can read more about this swap here and here.

Day by day the beautiful packages arrived and I had to fight with myself (and my daughter) to keep them wrapped. But the day arrived and now I can open them! Well, just one per day :P

Here you can see them all together, waiting for me to open them and share them with you.

So in the first day of Christmas Melissa David gave to me: (she, sadly, doesn't have a blog but she makes beautiful things!)

We look at it and it was so beautifully wrapped that I hesistate a bit.. should I open it or not?

My daughter decided we should! So we opened it!

And here it is! A beautiful metal star that is now hanging in my Christmas tree :)

Thanks so much Melissa for your beautiful work! I'm happy to be one of the lucky recipients!!


Anonymous said…
What fun!!
AHHH I wish I would have known about it how much fun is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never make the dead line for cool swaps.. BOOO..

Awesome get I can't wait to see what you are giving.

Thanks for signing up for my give-away

ladyblackness said…
es precioso danita! menundo regalito...
Anonymous said…
excellent idea
What a wonderful idea!!! might do something like that next year.
I absolutely love your work

The twelve days of Christmas Ornaments! I love it! I thought about doing this for my girlfriends. I am going to suggest it to them.

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