On the 10th day of Christmas Ruth gave to me...

This is almost over!! I'm so sad. I kind of like the idea of open a daily gift :P

On the 10th day of Christmas Ruth Rae gave to me:

An angel dress!!! Just what I needed!! My wings are a little bit used and new ones always come handy :) It is beautiful and have lots of work. If you want to see Ruth's whole process of making them you can visit her blog here and check it out!

Thank you Ruth!!! I love my new dress!


Rosanna Pereyra said…
Hi there!! I recently discovered your work and its adorable, i love it! You are very imaginative and talented. Love the days of Christmas gifts you received too.

Happy Holidays
Little Lovables said…
It's so pretty!

I have I never seen your art before? I love it!, Cute blog, you need to put the follow feature up so I can follow you :)
Chikaboom!! said…
I love your Christmas tree!
Unknown said…
Wow! I just found your art through another friend's flickr page and I LOVE it. It has all my favourite elements-stories, fairy tales, mermaids, magic and on and on. I also do paintings, and make dolls that are stylized but in a very different style than you. I love seeing what other people come up with and I love the little world of art and magic you have created for yourself! Amazing! Can't wait to see more!
Take care,

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