In the third day of Christmas not only received an ornament!

In my third day of Christmas Lou sent to me another beautiful ornament!! Oh this is getting better and better... but that's not all!

I also received the wonderful news that the new Design this design that magazine the toys issue is out!! And why am I so excited? Because I'm there. I was contacted by Ariadna a couple of months ago asking me if I want to participate and I happily say yes! You can see my interview and pictures of my dolls here. Just scroll to page 202 or if you have time feel free to browse the entire magazine. There are lots of great doll designers and it would be worth taking the time to scroll through the whole magazine :)

Oh and talking about dolls... I have some new ones!!! This time they are a little bit different and come in groups... the first one is one of my all time favorites, Little Red Riding Hood, but not alone as the last time, but with her very own wolf who is very well dressed with her red bow to match her cloak.

And, are Alice in Wonderland fans ready? Because the whole gang is here!!

Aren't they wonderful? I've always wanted to make them but they are a lot of work and I ended up postponing it, until now. And they're soooo cute! I want them for Christmas!

Sold, thanks a lot!


Anonymous said…
Cograts on the magazine!! Yaaaa I saw the doll I bought in there. That is so wonderful but then your art is wonderful. Love the new dolls. Do you ever sleep???? Have a great day.
Lisa Kettell said…
How wonderful, love all your doll toys!
Super Congrats!
Magic and Joy!
JoAnnA Pierotti said…
Hi Danita,

Your dolls and all of your art is amazing. I'm in love with it. So glad to have discovered your through Adorn ornament group. And congrats on your publication.

Joanna Pierotti
Moss Hill Studio
Flor Larios Art said…
Hola Danita,
Congratulations! When I grow up I want to be like you LOL.
I love your little dolls. Special, different, cute!
I read your interview cool!
MaygreenFairies said…
These are absolutely adoreable, your blog is great, I shall definitely be following it with great interest. x
tascha said…
Cute! I love the Alice in Wonderland series!
Congrats on the Magazine and interview. Your work is truely amazing...Okay..when are you posting more of these little guys in your shop? I'm not quick enough on the draw! LOL
Cheers Mate!
jazzlamb said…
Lovely dolls...what material do you use for them?I'm very curios...and the alice in wonderland and little red riding hood ones are just too cute...also I would like to know how big they in their size.

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