On the 5, 6 and 7 days of Christmas....

Oh my.. I'm so late!!! Where do the days go? I've just realized I haven't posted my ornaments in 3 days!!!.... Here I go!

On the 5 day of Christmas Kelly Snelling gave to me... A mermaid!!! Oh I'm so lucky... I now have this handmade doll made by this great artist just for me to display the whole year! And she packed it in a very clever way, with paper and fabric sewn together... thanks a lot Kelly!!

On the 6th day of Christmas Joanna Pierroti gave to me... the most beautiful nativity set ever!!!

I loved this one just before I opened it. It was so beautiful already. But when I opened I just went speechless. This one you have to see it in person to really appreciate it. It has so many details I wouldn't finish describing it ever.

The nativity set is inside and you can hang it closed or open (I prefer it open!).. both ways would look great. Thanks so much Joanna! I love it!

And on the 7 day of Christmas Jackie Allison gave to me:
A beautiful package with a bingo card and a big red bow.

And guess what was inside?

An altered doll!!! Oh I'm telling you, this swap was totally worth it!!!

This also has lots of tiny details and a beautiful bisque doll head, with wings and everything... another treasure!!! So bad she doesn't have a blog :( But thanks a lot Jackie!! It is so beautiful!

I promise I'll share with you everyday the rest of the ornaments. I'm number 12 so I'm the last... until then I can show you mine :)


noodle and lou said…
WOW! I love all 3 of them!! what a fun swap:) xox..jenn
Danette said…
This is all so fun. I want to get in on it next year!!!

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