Great weekend

Hello! Today I want to tell you about my weekend. Each month in the hot season there's an event here called "Arte en el Parque" (Art in the park). It's filled with activities all day long to keep you entertained either if you're a child or an adult. We took our little one and she had a blast.

We usually go late in the afternoon but this time we got early and we had the opportunity to be in many activities, one of them is making a wish and letting a balloon go up in the air... this one is one of my favorites.

Nothing like letting a balloon go free up in the sky...

We also saw some puppet plays, one with our very famous Pancho Villa.

But the one that really caught our attention was this one. A one man show. It was a theather of dreams and all the scenario, lights and puppets and puppeteer were inside this huge character.

It was great to see this man performing.

After that we went home and watch a movie... A perfect ending to a perfect day. I hope your weekend was great too!


Micki Wilde said…
Sounds like a great day out!
What an enchanting time you had! Your little girl is darling, and I bet she had a wonderful time :) Thank you for sharing - that one-man-show was amazing!
Queerly Yours said…
What fun! I wish we had something like that happening here...have a great day!
Great post and I love the new style photos :) That puppet show....WOW!!
suzi blu said…
A puppet theater!

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