Why, why, why!?

I think you all have noticed that I've been a little bit off lately, talking almost only about work and not about my personal life. I even promised more pictures of my vacation and I haven't uploaded them. The reason is that I've been here but I haven't. I mean, physically I've been here working and doing pending stuff, trying to catch up. But mentally I've been away worried about only one thing: my mom. She just had this huge thing removed from one of her breasts and we've been so worried about her and her health that I just couldn't talk about it. Cancer runs in my family and there's only one survivor, the rest who had had it are gone, so you can imagine what we all were thinking... We were just waiting the doctor to say she has it too. I tried to stay positive but there was like a cloud in my mind that didn't let me focus on anything or enjoy things. Worrying is a waste of time but I just couldn't help it. Fortunately the results were negative. She still has a problem but it's not cancer and it's not life threatening. I feel so relieved now! And so happy for her and for the entire family!

Now you that you know the reason I hope you understand my lack of attention and not answering in your comments in the blog. I read them I just didn't answer them. Sorry about that.
And, as I promised, here are some pictures of the trip!

I did something that I never thought possible... I did snorkeling in the open sea! This may not be a big deal for many of you, but for someone who doesn't know how to swim and is terrified of open waters, swimming in transparent waters where you can see the bottom 30 feet below you it's a big thing. I was so scared! We took our daughter with us, and she was so happy that she jumped ship and started swimming along like it was nothing and sometimes she just kept on swimming and my husband had to go chasing her while I held my dear life to one of those red round life savers you see in the movies... and she was shouting to me the whole time "Don't be afraid! Be brave!"... so I was! Once I relax and enjoyed, it was great, like flying and seeing everything from above! The fish were so colorful and there was so many, that this was a lifetime experience I hope to repeat once I learn to swim.

Here we are on the beach (I love this pic!)
When we visited Chichen-itza the heat was just too much, my daughter was crying and cranky and all sweaty and the only thing that made her happy was this handmade wooden skeleton that I bought from one of the guys in the ruins...
Along with the beautiful black skeleton, one of my souvenirs was this skeleton wind chime, like this one but in white (a girl can't have enough skeletons) that is now hanging from a lamp on my studio.

Here we are in our way to Tulum, it was also very hot that day but in Tulum you can bathe at a beautiful blue ocean beach so you have your break and can refresh a little :)

And that's it for today. I'm still jumping with joy with the good news but it's getting late and that girl you see there has more energy that me and my husband together. We have to rest. See you soon!


pilli pilli said…

Thank you for sharing your story... it takes a lot of courage to do so and I'm happy your mother got good news. We never really praise ourselves lucky enough untill we get away from the worse, do we?

Wishing you and your family all the best,
PilliPilli Handmade

PS. The pictures of your trip are really sweet. Love the skeletons!!! I'm having one hanging inside my closet. I really do! It's one of those glow-in-the-dark ones.
Skelly Addict said…
So happy that your Mom received the good news and hope that her problem gets better real soon! My father-in-law is fighting Stage 4 Small Cell Carcinoma of the Lung, so I too know how hard it can be to hear that word. But we did receive some good news the other day that there has been a 15% reduction in his tumors...so we're VERY happy to hear that and he's feeling much better these days!

Love your pictures from your trip...beautiful place and LOVE those skellys! I agree, a girl can never have enough skeletons! You'll have to tell your daughter...I'm jealous of her! :o)

Take care and my thoughts are with you and your family!
Alicia said…
I don't swim either, but have snorkeled in tropical waters many times and I just have to say that once you feel relaxed, it is such a wonderful experience! I'm glad you tried it!
Kelly said…
Hugs and thoughts to you and your mom and family.
I know what your going through...
Just do what you need to do for your family and your self.

{{{ }}}
These are very good news!! I'm very glad to hear that your mum is well!!
Unknown said…
Hay que niña tan linda tienes,es una ricura,hay que ver lo que se gozan cuando son pequeños luego se hacen grandes y ya es otro cantár.Buen fín de semana.
Michelle said…
Oh, I am so glad your mom is okay! My mom is a breast cancer survivor so I know that awful feeling. What a great vacation, good for you being brave! Love Frida!
Julieta said…
Que bien que tu mami está bien. Sabemos bien lo que se siente. Que maravilla de fotos. Tulum de verdad es mágico, a mi me encantó ese lugar. Bueno, no sé, pero me siento tan como en casa en medio de ruinas :P
Y tienes razón, una no puede tener suficientes esqueletos :) y si no preguntale a Laura ;) ella te puede decir mi locura por ellos.
Pues, ya no quito espacio aqui. Buen fin de semana. Que lo pases de lo mejor :)
Kim Caldwell said…
So glad to hear the good news about your Mom. Sometimes we all have to give ourselves permission to just check out and deal without having to let the world know about it. Our family has some wonderful "hot" memories of that area of Mexico, especially the river in Tulum. Blessings. . .

GlorV1 said…
It's always hard when we have to worry about "things" that run in the family genes, but if we spend too much time worrying about if we will get it, our lifes are stifled so to speak. I'm glad your mom is doing okay and I wish her the best. Looks like your vacation went very well and how fun to snorkel.Great pictures. I have never snorkled. Did you see any sharks? Ayeeeeeee, I'd be scared. Glad you are feeling better, have a great weekend.
Anna M. Rosete said…
Hi, Danita! Thank you for sharing your vacation pictures!
Hola Danita :)
Espero que entiendas el español, ups!

Soy seguidora (silenciosa) de tu blog pero no podía dejar de felicitaros por esta estupenda noticia.

Un abrazo para tí y para tu mamá.
oh, danita, i'm so glad to hear that your mom is okay! beautiful vacation photos too! and a beautiful little girl you have :)
tascha said…
That is good news!
Beautiful pictures. Your daughter is so cute! You all look so happy. I think you look very slim! I don't understand how you think you need to loose weight. You look fantastic!
Unknown said…
That is wonderful news Danita!! You will be so relieved!
Cheers , Helen
sMacThoughts said…
Bless your mother, and thank god for the news. And bless your daughter who helped you be brave. Love the photos, and the ending one is a great way to finish your post!
Unknown said…
What wonderful news you have to share! You must be so relieved!!! Now that you can breath....the pics from the trip are gorgeous...thanks for sharing.
xo Karen
So glad the results were negative. That is very scary :( I am wishing the best to your family...

Looks like your vacation was amazing! Perfectly lovely - and your little one is a doll :)
HUgs!! So happy that it was good news.

The photos are fabulous! =D
Kelly Snelling said…
happy, happy news! thank God for this good, good news. i am so glad for you all that she will be fine.
suze said…
Glad to hear your Mom is going to be OK. We have kidney disease in our family. Myself and my siblings have all had or needed transplants.
Also my Mom, Grandfather and cousin.
Thanks for sharing the photo's and I agree with Tascha...you don't need to lose any weight.You look great!
Queerly Yours said…
So happy to hear that your Family can breathe a sigh of relief where your Mom is concerned. How worried you must have been! The photos of your trip are amazing...looks like so much fun! Never too many Skeletons! LOL! =D
Kingfisher Farm said…
Danita, what lovely picture of you and your family. Glad your madre is ok!! Pam
Kaili Ittensohn said…
Hugs to you and your family Danita for the wonderful news! I enjoyed looking at your holiday photos too, the water looks so clear and beautiful.

I think you are an inspirational artist and mum and I have mentioned you in my latest blog post. Come and read when you have time, I would love to know your thoughts or advice!

Kaili xx
Sabbio said…
I'm so sorry for you being anguished but so relieved to read that in the end it is not as serious as you feared.

And your pictures,especially the ones with your daughter, are a real hymn yo life!

Take care querida :)
Thanks for sharing about your mom! You got great news. I hope she doesn't have to go through all this again. I have had 2 breast surgeries in 6 months and both were benign, so I understand how worried you were!
Congrats on snorkeling! Seems you had a great vacation! Thanks for sharing pics with us!
Unknown said…
Where to begin. WOW I am so happy your Mom is Ok Very scary !!! And I cannot imagine your fear. I have 2nd home just to be close to my mom Sshe is very important in my life. The snorkeling story is amazing. You did very good. Isn't it great that children can teach us so much in their innocence and you let go of fear and "flew' Hugs Julie
I am so, so pleased to read that your mum is going to be fine. It's such an awful feeling when you have a dark cloud hanging over you- everything looks and feels different doesn't it? But she's going to be fine so that's wonderful news.

I love the holiday snaps! Looks like you had a great holiday.

Em x
Doris said…
Hola Danita! Thank you for sharing your story and your vacation pictures! :) Doris
Danita said…
Thank you so much to all of you for your kind comments. I feel very relieved now and I can see everything different :)

And thanks Tascha and Suze! But you haven't seen the pictures when I don't have my daughter covering me haha
janil said…
I'm so happy about your mum. My best wishes for you amd your family!
Gretchen C. said…
Thanks for sharing your story. My Mom is a 3 time survivor- a reminder to me to always be positive! Love the vacation pics!
suzi whitaker said…
WoW WeE!!! That is a rough ride, but so happy that your Mother is cancer free! My Momma had it in both breasts at the same time, and that was over 10 years ago!I truly understand what you were going through. Bless you.

And fab pics of your trip! Thanks for sharing!
Erica Herbert said…
so glad your mom is ok!!! YOU & your sweet little daughter are GORGOUS!!!
Silke Powers said…
Oh, my goodness, Danita, you've had a lot on your mind! I am sooo glad that everything turned out well for your mom and the whole family. You must feel so relieved! the pictures of your trip are wonderful. I feel the same way about open waters and made myself snorkel once in Hawaii, which was one of the highlights of my life. A whole new colorful world had opened up for me. And it seems for you, too! Love the skeletons - we have many ourselves from Oaxaca! What fun!! Hugs, Silke
mo said…
I am so glad to hear that the news wasn't horrible for your Mom. It is such a scary thing. I just went through a scary two week wait to find out that my Dad is also cancer free so I know just how worried you must have been, and now how relieved. Your trip photos look fantastic!

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