Oficially back at work!

Well, I'm officially back at work now. Thanks so much for the warm welcome!. I'm painting and doing little dolls like crazy. It feels great after almost 15 days of not working, I was aching to hold a paintbrush again!

Here's some of the new stuff:

"The sea gardener" 8x8 collage on wood.
I saw so many coral reefs in the sea that I thought there should be a someone taking care of them. Available here.

"Mary had a little lion". 8x8 on canvas.
Well, she actually had a little lamb but the lion ate it and now she has a little lion.
Available here.

"Susana" 4x4 inches on deep gallery wrap canvas.
She and her sister (sold) were the first thing I painted after the break.
She's available here.

And last, but not least, the new Frida gang!
I'm in love with this cuties. They're all holding something related to Frida Kahlo and they will be in their own boxes just as my other collections. They're not ready yet for sale because I'm not done yet but will be very soon.

I hope everybody has a great weekend!


Micki Wilde said…
ooh I love the sea gardener painting, totally adorable!

Micki x
Unknown said…
Alaaaaa.....cuanta preciosidad,lo has cogido con ganas después de tus vacaciones....me gustan todas,no sabría cual elegír.UN SALUDO.
Georgina said…

Love your little mermaid and your Fridas. There's nothing like taking a break to recharge the imagination, but I know how you feel after being away from the studio for a while...I get grouchy!!
andrea creates said…
Love the sea gardener!!
I love the Fridas! I'll have to have one, I'm sure!
dollproject said…
Love them all! It feels so good to create again after taking a pause.
Tracy M. said…
oo0, I want a Frida! Can't wait.
Tracy M.
welcome, back!!! :)
Danita, please let us know when the Frida gang is available! xoxo Helena
Hello Danita!

I adore your work!! You are a talented artist. Love the pictures you've taken from your vacation! It's always wonderful to be by the ocean and come home to the art we all love sooo much. Here's to art, love and to wonderful artists!!!!!!!!!!!
Kelly said…
Everything you posted is wonderful. I especially love 'The Sea Gardener' and all the Fridas...

Julieta said…
Hi. My cousin told me about your work and really she is always talking about you. Laura from Ciudad Juarez???and Héctor, her husband?
Your work is so beautiful. Like it a lot. She told me that with your experience and work I could find inspiration and work with what I like instead of it being just obligation. And for real, is so inspirational.
Greetings and have a nice weekend.

Piggy said…
You've won an Award! Please stop by my blog at http://piggylittleshop.blogspot.com/ to pick it up!

Ps : Beautiful work! Love your drawings!
Rhomany said…
Love the Frida dolls, they're so cute!
Tina Gilmore said…
Wow Danita, your new work is fab,and i absolutely love the Frida gang. Thanks for sharing them.
Unknown said…
wow! i love all your new pieces! just fantastic and so magical!
Kim Langston said…
I have just discovered your wonderful art after picking up the current copy of Art Doll Quarterly. I am from El Paso and would love to know if you ever teach any classes locally.
What a lovely idea the sea gardener is...

it must be good to have that brush in your hand again?
Anonymous said…
They're beutiful, I love the lion. I'm passing the "One Lovely Blog" award on to you.
Unknown said…
Great to see you back at it!!!!
Love what you have been creating, such talent.
Julieta said…
Hola Danita ;(
Por suspuesto que tengo mail y sería genial platicar contigo :)
te lo dejo aquí:
De verdad hermoso tu trabajo y te entiendo, yo no puedo estar ni dos dias sin tomar un pincel o siquiera un lápiz :) tanto que ahora estoy pintando sobre las paredes :P
Saludos y buen inicio de semana.
suzi blu said…

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