Autumn is almost here...

Autumn is almost here.... my favorite time of the year!!! I feel like it's spring again! Not the burning sun and the extreme hot anymore :) My little plants are getting bigger and flowering again and I've been de-cluttering my house room by room.

I've been in this house for only 6 years and we don't have room for anything anymore! I tend to keep everything and something inside me just know that I NEED to let go. New things can't come unless they have space. Now I have 4 empty drawer in the walk in closet in which now you can actually walk.

My studio is the last thing I will clean. It's the part of the house where I keep most of the things I don't want to give away and it's also the part that is most crowded and full of things I know I won't use. I have too many books, too many materials, too many things! I need more space to breathe and create.

Have a great weekend!


Good luck with the cleaning Danita... I always save the studio for last too, but of course it is the First to get messy again! Love the Autumn painting! :) - Kim
SusieQ said…
oh wow sounds like your busy! it's always nice to de-clutter, good for you, now you can come over & help me, just kidding. I should be doing that too, soon. beautiful picture love it!
I am also trying to de-clutter! It's so hard. I hate to throw anything away because I keep thinking I'll need it for inspiring creativity...or for my classroom. Teachers are the worst savers anyway...but I've grown to be way too much of a collector. I like your theory of needing to have space for something new to come...
Silke Powers said…
Sounds like you are doing great with the decluttering. I feel feel a big cleaning spree coming on here as well. And I am with you - Fall is my favorite season! Love your painting!! Hugs, Silke
Ale said…
Me encanta tú "otoño", está preciosa!
A mi igual me gusta, más si es con buena compañía, una plática amena y un buen chocolate caliente.

Por cierto, te invito a que me cuentes en mi blog, qué cosas te hacen reir al punto de llorar. Te espero!!!

Feliz fin de semana!!

Ale said…
Me encanta tú muñeca otoño! A mi también me gusta mucho ésta época del año. Más se es con buena compañía, una plática amena y un delicioso chocolate caliente.

Por cierto, te invito a que me cuentes en mi blog, qué cosas te hacen tan feliz al punto de llorar.

Un abrazote y que pases feliz fin de semana!!

La Pintoreta © said…
Que bonitas ilustraciones como siempre.Besitos
Heather said…
what a beautiful painting! A little dark! I love fall too...such a beautiful time. rich and mysterious. i love it...
I love fall, too.

Isn't such a great feeling when you purge old things and de-clutter.
Victorian Lady said…
Sweet and lovely :)
horacio gatto said…
Muy lindos tus personajes
te invito a ver los mios .


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