Rocking and goccoing!

Gocco. What you'll need:
Start with a design...

Maximize the use of your screen...

Find space... lots of space

Try several colors

Love the imperfections!

and listen to great music ;)


Diane Duda said…
That's alot of goccos! And a lot of Beatles!
Tracy M. said…
OK, I guess I'm behind the times. What's a gocco? :-)
Tracy M.
Great gocco's...great music! :)
Danita Art said…
the one that is behind the times is the gocco Tracy... it was used to print before the inkjets were popular... is discontinued now :(
khairun said…
Lovely! Gocco looks like alot of work, but I would love to try it.
Where did you get your Gocco printing equipment?

BTW im absolutely in awe of your dolls and have taken alot of inspiration from your work to get into doll making myself. Im certainly going to treat myself to one of your creations from your shop, very soon!

Hi darling,Have been on a long extending vacation from on child to another.Then I went down to the beach for a few weeks and stayed at my sisters. I have another grand baby on the way!
i love that you did these. makes me want to pull out my yudu and create!
Hola Danita! I want a Gocco for Christmas! I've been looking at them for a while, love its simple system of printing! Muchos goccos! Y todos son maravillosos! Your latest paintings are also wonderful, as ever! Where do you find the time to do so many different artsy things in a week! You amaze me! Have a great one! LuLu
Gustavo Aimar said…
Qué ganas de darme una zambullida en tu mesa de trabajo!!!!!!!
Jane said…
Hope those are re-mastered Beatles!
Elissa Elwick said…
I've just come across your work and I LOVE it!! And I've been debating getting a gecco printer for a while but this post has made me want to go ahead and get one and print lots and lots! x

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