A week already!!! New dolls in the shop!

I can't believe it's been a week already.... Isn't just yesterday Monday when I was taking my little one to her first day of school? Now she's been there a week and we have been adjusting well to the changes.

It's been a crazy week... but that didn't stopped me for working on some new stuff! I just added 2 dolls to the shop and I'm preparing a Halloween update...


Have a great weekend!!!


andrea creates said…
Great colors~love the Frida :)
I teach young children--I'm happy to hear that your little dear is adjusting well!
We Blog Artists said…
Oh, they're fabulous...
And your daughter is ADORABLE...so cute!
Have a great weekend!
GlorV1 said…
How fun your work. Great colors. Have a great weekend.
Lydia said…
Your 'baby' is so very sweet! What a big girl! It is so tough to start to cut those strings.

And your dolls are wonderful, as usual. Lydia
vivian said…
I was just looking at your dolls in a magazine last night and I told my friend.. I have some of her art at home!
so does your CUTE daughter love school?
have a sweet weekend!
Cindi Myers said…
Your little "doll" is so sweet!
You should make her into a painted doll too!
your daughter so beautiful in her outfit, she looks like your dolls!!

loving your dolls. I can't wait to purchase, just waiting!!

I've been admiring your work for a long while now. And I must get a piece or two from you.


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