2010 Mini Calendar

Here it is... The 2010 Mini Calendar. It's made from 12 ACEO Art Cards, each one with a print of one of my favorite paintings. It's great for placing on your cube's desk, your office or just to give it away because you are very nice =)

And to go with it, handmade gift tags! This is going to be a limited edition. I made them from ancient tags I found on an school and office supplies store that sells things from waaaaay back in the day. They are little embroidered paper treasures just for you.

Both of them are available at my Etsy shop today. Enjoy!! =)


The little tags are so sweet Danita!
The mini calendar and tags area fabulous!
Silke Powers said…
These are all wonderful! Great calendar and adorable tags!! :) Silke
58 Cherries said…
Wow, I just love the little girl and the penguin - so sweet and cute!!! The holidays really bring out the creativity amongst etsy artists - I'm having fun exploring all the possibilities out there.

Just fyi for you and your readers there's a giveaway going on at my website right now that ends Saturday.


Sandra Caldwell said…
Very cute...love your work.
Carolee said…
Oh, I LOVE these!! :)

~ Carolee
chess said…
2010 is here to come and still don’t have a 2010 calendar. Anyway, those tags are so cute, I wish to have one.
Sadia said…
Very endearing! Love the gift tags and a wonderful calendar !

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