Getting in the Holiday Mood =)

Yesterday we got all the Christmas stuff from storage and my husband started decorating the house with color lights all over the entrance and my plant containers. I meant to set the Christmas tree but had an art attack and made jewelry... My kid was having a blast rigging up the lights outside and then running around with the neighborhood kids in the park that she forgot all about the tree. I know that now that she's tired from running around yesterday, this is going to be a welcome quiet activity.
I ordered some Holiday Cards just for fun and they arrived yesterday, and I ended liked them so much that I'm going to be offering them for sale on my Etsy shop this coming Tuesday. They have a very nice Satin finish and come with envelopes, ready to send or give =)


Drycha said…
snowman is the best :D
andrea creates said…
They're really lovely Danita:)
Oh I'm so excited! I was trying to get up the nerve the other day to ask you if you would ever make cards of your beautiful artwork! I'm hoping to catch some on Tuesday then, in between my parent-teacher conferences at school! :D
Mechelle said…
Congratulations Danita! I hope to be reach sales like you one day.
Lucia said…
These are so pretty!!!!!

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