3 new originals now in the shop!

This three beauties are looking for a home right now. They promise to behave and bring lots of love an good vibes to the lucky person who takes them.  They're all sweet, colorful and loving... and they're all available right now at my Etsy shop. 

The Queen of Hearts. 6x12 inches on Canvas

Angel of love 8x10 inches on Canvas

Love. 6x8 inches on Canvas.


jinxxxygirl said…
Danita do you ever do any other type of artwork?? Do you ever get bored working in the same style all the time??? I think i would. Maybe you do other art you just don't show on here???
mette laumann said…
I love you style <3
Pan said…
Your work is so beautiful!!
Just found you on-line and I've gotta add you to my favourites, hope it's ok. Your painting are an inspiration!
I just started my own blog, expect to upload some of my work. As a beginer it's important to have differente opinions :) http://mons-trengos.blogspot.com/
Rock'n'Kactus said…
Just wonderful!!!!

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