Never too early for love...

After the Holiday break I had a hard time going back to my usual working routine, not feeling inspired enough, watching too many TV shows instead of doing creative things, until I found the inspiration I was looking for: LOVE!

Valentine's Day is near (yes, only a month away!) and it used to be a day I hated (before I met my hubby) but now I really enjoy it. I'm fortunate enough to have a husband and 2 kids that I love too much and they love me back. So I got carried away with the theme and here's the first part of the series of Love paintings I'm doing!

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So, what do you think? Love-ly?


Janeane said…
Netty said…
Oooh these are all gorgeous, thank you for the inspiration. x
Hi Danita,
These are absolutely LOVELY! Such sweetness is a treasure. Thanks for making me smile this morning!
Hudson's Holidays
Most definitely lovely! You've really got the creative juices flowing. I'm trying to do the same today. Coming by to visit your blog really helped. Thank you.

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

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