Happy New Year!!!!

Wishing you all the best in this coming year!!!!!


glorv1 said…
Happy New Years to you too. Take care.
elma said…
Have a Happy New year!!!
Danita: Yo tambien te deseo un Feliz Año Nuevo, que la pases muy feliz junto a tu familia y muchas bendiciones para todos ustedes. xoxo Lillian
Adriana Whitney said…
Happy New Year Danita!!
Sarah Copeland said…
Happy New Year...I look forward to seeing your beautiful creations to come :)
hens teeth said…
I wish you every happiness and all the success in world in 2009.
Anonymous said…
Happy New year Danita. Love the photo as always.Much luck in the New year.God Bless!
Flor Larios Art said…
Happy new year Danita! Glad you are back.
Wishing you a very Happy New Year!!!
Mimi73 said…
Happy New year Danita :D
All my wishes for health, happiness and prosperity for the new year.
Mimi xx
wishing you much joy in the new year!
Denise Lynch said…
Happy New Year Danita! Just wanted to drop by and let you know that I just love the little ACEO cards that you have up for auction. I've bid on one and I certainly hope you keep creating more of them. Take care!
Trine said…
Happy New Year!!
Loved seeing the picture of you in your previous post, what a beautiful lady you are. Looking forward to seeing lots more of your fabulous art in the coming year.
I wish you a healthy, successful, happy new year Danita!
ladyblackness said…
FELIZ AÑO 2009!!! Pasalo genial y ojala tengas muchisimos exitos en este nuevo año! Se muy feliz danita!
Sabbio said…
I wish you a Happy New Year Danita, with lots of good things!
Chikaboom!! said…
Happy new year and happy new Danitas´s creations :)
bLu eYd YoGi said…
Hey Danita! I made a new doll, a new VIDEO & I'm starting a revolution! Come join me! Say ADIOS to the SUCKY people!
lunara said…
Feliz año Danita linda.. ^-`
Hi, I learned about your art in the premier issue of STUFFED and am GAGA over your dolls! Truly, what an experience to stop in and SEE your mind at work here on your blog. Happy 2009!

OO, also thank you for leading the way to blogger templates... I've been wanting a blog that is in three sections... THANK YOU! Now, if I can just track down that html...
Danette said…
I read your etsy story. You are such a lovely person, and are such an inspiration to me.

Happy new year.
Thanks Lady,
Right back at ya! Oh and I loved reading your quit your day job! HAHA crossing my fingers that one day I will follow in those foot steps. But now I am addicted to reading the articles!

I am sure your new year will be awesome!


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