On the 8th day of Christmas Deryn gave to me...

Today is Deryn Mentock's turn. You probably already know her, she makes the most amazing jewelry and it's constantly featured in the Stampington magazines.

Well, I couldn't wait to open this one.... I actually opened so fast that I forgot to take pictures of the process! But here it is, my very own snowman ornament/pendant!!

The body is a tiny glass bottle full of even tinier things. And she even sent a ball chain so I can wear it whenever I want :) Thank you Deryn, I love it!

And in my side, I've been busy too... not just opening ornaments and enjoying the Holidays, but working as well. I just added 3 new round faces to my shop. (A Frida included). Click on each face and It will take you there :)

Oh and my daughter is helping me redecorate the house.... She must've thought that the pillows were too plain because she painted stripes on them... and when I asked WHO DID THAT?!?!?! She proudly say "I DID!"... after that I just decided that I will leave it like that... I'm even thinking about giving her the others so she can spice them up a little :P


Flor Larios Art said…
How cute! I think she is going to be an artist like her mom.
When I saw the photo of the pillow before reading I liked it, can you believe it!
She got talent!
Iris said…
You know if you sew on some flower heads to your daughter's striping pillow treatment, you'd never know the stripes weren't supposed to be there. lol
elma said…
How cute is that pillow!! She must be taking after her mother!! How old is she?
Danita said…
I think so too Flor! She LOVES to paint anywhere!

Not a bad idea Iris.. but I'm not sure that marker is permanent... i think it's washable...

She's 2 1/2 Elma :)
There is an award for you on my blog!
AWWW how nice .. just a sweet mom HAHA.. she watches your make plain thing beautiful so she wanted to be just like you! I would leave it too it is a wonderful work of art! You could always paint a wall in the house with chalk board paint so she could write on the walls too. HAHA can you tell I am kid and not a mom HAHA..

Ooooh, they're looking like flower stems to me! Give her more colors!!!
Danita said…
Don't encourage it or my house will be even more painted that it is already. You can track her down for the tiny prints she leaves around the house all the time. I think she wants to be like her mom... let's wait until she's a teenager and see if she still wants :P
Little Lovables said…
What a great idea!
Kingfisher Farm said…
Oh Danita that is too precious, and look what a great match she made!! No doubt she is going to follow in her mama's footsteps,well. lol. She already has!! I love your new circle girls. Pam
Anonymous said…
Ahh how sweet.She might be the next beautiful artist in the family.
What a great mum you are! (I'm an art teacher and you would be surprised how many parents don't let there kids own paints! or play doughs :( )


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