In the second day of Christmas Maija gave to me...

Oh this is getting better! A chance to open another package!!!

This time it was Maija Lepore's ornament turn. It was wrapped in beautiful hand sewn pouches with a Santa's image and a little bell.
But if you like the package let me show you was was inside:

Don't you love it? It's a cute mini canvas embellished with German glass glitter and a cute little bird. It looks perfect on my tree! Thanks a lot Maija!

And yep, I have to start taking the pics of my ornaments in the morning... the pics are making those ornaments justice! Let's try that with tomorrow's package!


Anonymous said…
Sooo cute. How much fun is that. You will have to post pictures of your tree and room:))))
MaygreenFairies said…
Just come across your blog, I lurvve your work, will be back regularly to keep up to date with your art! x
sMacThoughts said…
My gosh, everything so exquisite...the pouches and insides! Happy Holidays!

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